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Folk Customs of North China

Shenyang Local Customs Village

This large folklore village, 18 hectares in area and with a construction floor space of 10,000 sq m, demonstrates to tourists the folk customs of the nine nationalites residing in northeast China and the scenic spots and places of historic interests in their locations. Main constructions in the village include Shenyang Clan Temple of Xibo Ethnic Group, Manchu's Divine Eagle, the Shenyang Mosque, Qing Dynasty Yongan Stone Bridge, Li Chengliang's memorial archway in Jingzhou, Jingzhou Ten-Thousand Buddha Hall, Changbai Mountain waterfall in Jilin, Heilongjiang's jingbo Lake and Mongolian Yurts.

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Dalian Folk Culture Village

Built in the Holiday Village in the western suburbs of Dalian, the cultural village unfolds to visitors the history and folklores of China's different nationalities, including their architecture, costumes, songs and dances, and cuisine. Here one may feel the warmth and atmosphere of multi-national culture.

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Harbin Taoshan Hunters' Log Cabin

The Taoshan Tourist Area in Yichun, 238 km northeast of Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, consists of hunting and skiing grounds and virgin forests. Established in 1984 the hunting ground is 620 sq km in area, where plants are flourishing and mountain brooks mumuring. Tourists can stay for the night in hunters'log cabins and get up early for a hunting of red and roe deer, wild boar, hyena, hare and other games. lt is unique to taste one's own harvest.

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Jinbo Lake the Mirror Lake in Mudanjiang

The lake lies in Ning'an County of Mudanjiang City in southem heilongjiang Province. lt has got its name, because it has a crystal mirror-like surface . lt was formed 10,000 years ago when the lava of an ancient volcanic eruption blocked the channel of the Mudan River. One of China's famous tourist spots, the lake, surrounded by towering mountains and dense forests, is an ideal summer resort.

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The Korean Waterfall Village

Diaoshuiliu in the jingbo Lake area is one of China's famous waterfalls. It pours down from 25 m high all the year round, sending off thunderous roarings which can be heard several kilometers away. Near the waterfall there is an elegant korean village, built with houses in distinctive korean architectural style. On holidays or after work the villagers often sing and dance by the waterfall. Tourists are welcome to join them.

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Hailar Hulun Buir Grassland

Hulun Buir Grassland in the Hulun Buir League, Inner Mongolia, has got its name because it has Hulun Lake and Buir Lake in its locality. the grassland, famous for its natural pastures, is also an ideal tourist destination for its unique Mongolian folklore and enchanting grassland scenery. Huhonur, 61 km away from Hailar City, is a perfect place to view grassland scene. There tourists can ride horses and camels, or go hunting or fishing. If they like, they can put on Mongolian costume and contend with Mongolian riders or wrestlers. To sample local food is another activity for tourists.

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Hohhot The Gegentala Tourist Spot

The Gegentala tourist spot in Siziwangqi, 140 km north of Hohhot, is one of the early developed tourist destinations in Inner Mongolia. People here are courteous and hospitable, and are also good at singing and dancing. Tourists can tour lush grasslands by riding horses, camels or Mongolian chariots. They can also watch horseracing, wrestling or archery demonstrations, attend bonfire parties and enjoy local songs and dances. Those visiting herdsmen's homes will be entertained with rice wine, mare's milk ,dairy tea, Mongolian cheese and boiled lamb meat eaten with fingers.

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The Xilamuren Tourist Spot

The tourist spot at Xilamuren is about two hours' drive from Hohhot via the massive Daqing Mountains . As this hilly tourist destination is situated at 1,700 m above sea level, the temperature here varies greatiy between day and night . Even in summer the weather is cool. Activites arranged for tourists at this destination include riding horses and camels, watching wrestling and horseracing, enjoying local songs and dances, attending honfire parties and visiting herdsmen's yurts. Authentic mongolian food, such as milk tea, instant-boiled mutton, roast lamb legs, roast whole sheep and mutton eaten with fingers are available for tourists.

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The Huitenqxile Grassland Tourist Spot

Huitengxile, meaning 'cold prairie' in Mongolian, is over 1,800 m above sea level, measuring 100 km from west to east. The tourist spot boasts green mountains and clear waters. A natural cavern in Meilitu Valley is 100 m high and can hold 300 people. in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) it was frequently visited by monks. Taoist priests and recluses, who sometimes also resided in it, Buddhist sutras and monk's clothing have been found in the cave. Tourist programs arranged for tourists at this spot include riding horses and camels, watching wrestling, enjoying local food, local performances and horsemanship, attending bonfire parties and visiting herdsmen's homes. The activities are aiming to help tourists know about the Mongolian nationality, their life and bold and unconstrained charcter.

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Dongsheng The Erdus Mongolian Folklore

Ordos Grassland in westem Inner Mongolia is known for its fascinating scenery and distinct Mongolian customs. The grassland , crisscrossed by rivers and streams and dotted with lakes, looks like a green carpet from the distance. Here under white clouds and blue sky, herds of sheep and cattle are grazing leisurely. The local Mongolian people are warm , uninhibited and hospitable. Tourists to their homes will be presented with hada and home-made wine contained in silver cups. lt is customary to sing and dance to entertain their distinguished guests.

Nadam is a traditional Mongolian fair, noted for its nomadic characteristics. lt is the biggest festival, on which the herdsmen, gorgeously dressed, would come from different dlirections to the meeting place, riding on horses or camels or in Mongolian style chariots. Among them the wrestlers, valiant-looking, are most attractive.

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Genghis Khan's Tomb

The tomb of Genghis-khan (1162-1227)is on Gandeli Grassland in Ih Ju League of Inner Mongolia. Occupying an area of 55,000 sq m, it encompasses three connected Mongolian style palace halls, lined from west to east. The roofs of the halls, made of glazed yellow tiles with blue brims, resemble umbrellas. The tomb has dignified red doors and white walls.There are 81 steps leading to the halls of the tomb.

To the southwestern corner of the tomb was Genghis-khan's temporary dwelling. Standing in front of Genghis khan's tomb and looking far into the massive grassland, one's mind would easily trace back to the days of this glorious man.

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Yanbian Korean Folklore

The Korean people are all good singers and dancers. The art of Korean songs and dances has a long tradition and mass character. Yanbian Korean songs and dances are especially popular. Not only the young people in Yanbian sing and dance well, the elderly and children do well too. On jubilant occasions often a whole family is turned out to dance.

The Koreans also love sports. Grand nationality sports meet is held on big holidays and festivals. Playing on the swing and on the springboard and westling are the most popular sports items. Playing on the swing is a tradition of the Koreen women . Tourists will see them swing at the entrance of their villages or on the threshing grounds, their colorful gowns flapping like beautiful butterflies.

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  Information provided by China National Tourism Administration.


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