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Splendid China Shenzhen

OCT, covering an area of 5 square kilometers, is located on the magnificent Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen, P. R. China. Established as an economic development zone as well as a corporation in 1985, it has now been turned from a solitary wilderness into a modern seaside urban town featuring culture, tourism, business, entertainment, high-tech and elegant residential areas. Popular theme parks such as Splendid China, China Folk Culture Villages, Window of the World and Happy Valley, together with Shenzhen Bay Hotel, Seaview Hotel, Happy Valley International Youth Hostel, He Xiangning Art Gallery, Huaxia Art Center, OCT Bowling Alley and Happy Line, an elevated monorail system linking the above-mentioned facilities, constitute a cultural tourists' paradise in China. OCT Plaza, the Fountain Plaza, the Sculpture Promenade and the Sculpture Park have greatly boosted the ecological and artistic atmosphere of OCT, making it enjoyable to both the visitors and residents of the town.

From the establishment of China's first large theme park-- Splendid China in 1989, to the opening of Happy Valley in 1998, every two or three years a new park together with other supporting tourist facilities comes into being. In this way OCT has established its standing as a tourists' paradise. It has become a place which owns the largest theme park complex in China. In the past dozen years, OCT has received 55 million visitors from both home and abroad, with an average annual visitor arrival of over 5 million.

Through over ten years' construction, OCT has now become a multinational conglomerate which boasts three pillar industries of electronics, tourism and real estate and whose annual sales income has exceeded 10 billion RMB. Konka color TV sets and such theme parks as Splendid China, China folk Culture Villages and Window of the World are household words all over the country and even well-known in Southeast Asia. OCT is striving to get known to the world.

Splendid China

Splendid China, spreading over an area of 30 hectares, is the largest miniature park in the world. Eighty-four replicas of typical Chinese ancient buildings, natural landscapes and folk dwellings, which reflect the Chinese history and culture of 5000 years, have been constructed on a scale of 1:15. Among them are the Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace, the Temple of Confucius, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and the like. It enables you to have the vision of skimming through the Chinese history at every step and touring around China in one day.
(86 755) 6600 626, Fax: (86 755) 6601 008

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China Folk Culture Villages

China Folk Culture Villages, a sister park of Splendid China, is a large cultural attraction where folk art, folk customs and folk dwellings are on display. Occupying an area of 18 hectares, it is composed of 24 life-size ethnic villages representing 56 nationalities of China. Visitors are able to get some knowledge of the Chinese ethnic architectural styles, appreciate folk song and dance demonstrations while joining with the artists in their performances and in the making of folk artifacts.

During the daytime, you can experience the exciting Dragon Boat Race, the breathtaking Knife-Pole Festival and the joyful Water-Splashing Festival. In the evening, the grand evening show and China Folk Carnival Parade given by 500 ethnic performers will lead you into a fantastic world.
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Fax: (86 755) 6608 001

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Window of the World

Window of the World features the world wonders, historic sites, scenic spots, natural landscapes, folk dwellings and customs, and world-renowned sculptures and paintings. Occupying an area of 48 hectares, it is composed of 118 magnificent attractions set up on different scales from 1:1 to 1:100. The attractions have been meticulously designed and constructed, among the most magnificent of which are the 108-meter-high Eiffel Tower, the Niagara Falls, and the 108 stone pillars and the 1680-square-meter relief walls delineating the human evolution. The exotic evening show and parade performed by artists from both China and abroad highlight the carnival night.

Visitors, while having a joyous get-together with the world, seem to have toured around the world in a day.
Tel: (86 755) 6608 000
, Tel: (86 755) 6608 000

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Happy Valley

Happy Valley, open to the public in 1998, is an amusement park appealing to the Chinese people. It is composed of a water park and a dry park. Featuring exciting and thrilling rides fit for both teenagers and families with kids, it combines cultural themes with amusement facilities. The Space Shot, Raft River Ride of Old Gold Mine, and Jump Frog will give visitors a breathtaking experience while Banyan Tree Slides, Master Blaster, Wave Pool and Tidal River lead you to a happy adventure into the lost civilization of Maya in America. The park also has a 4-D cinema, the first of its kind in Asia.
Tel: (86 755) 6949 168, Fax: (86 755) 6901 309

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Shenzhen Bay Hotel

Standing on Shenzhen Bay, the 308-room hotel is a 4-star resort, with lush gardens full of subtropical flowers, shadowy coconut trees and greens. It has a lovely irregular swimming pool constructed as if it occurs natural. Together with the tennis courts, they will make you feel fresh and revitalized while you are enjoying a relaxing holiday here. The hotel has both Chinese and Western food restaurants, ready to serve you cuisine of various kinds.

Rates :
860 RMB (about US$ 104) for standard rooms
968 RMB (about US$ 117) for deluxe rooms
Tel: (86 755) 6600 111, Fax: (86 755) 6600 139

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Seaview Hotel

Seaview Hotel, which has nearly 500 rooms, is a 3-star hotel with full front seaviews. From most of its rooms, guests can get a bird's eye-view of the distant sights of Hong Kong across Shenzhen Bay.

Rates :

495 RMB (about US$ 60) for standard rooms
678 RMB (about US$ 80) for deluxe rooms
Tel: (86 755) 6602 222, Fax: (86 755) 6606 831

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Happy Valley International Youth Hostel

Shenzhen Happy Valley International Youth Hostel is so far the only one of the kind in Shenzhen. The accommodation facilities include 2-bed rooms, 3-bed rooms, 4-bed rooms, 6-bed rooms and 12-bed rooms, with a separate washing room within each room. Dining room, self-catering room, television room, mini-shop, washing room with washing machines and dryers and Internet room are also available for use. The rate ranges from US$5 to US$10, depending on the room you request
Tel: (86 755) 6949 443, 6949 445, Fax: (86 755) 6901 309

Theme parks, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, a gallery, a cinema, bars and a large supermarket are just within walking distances. Transportation is available at Shenzhen Railway Station with buses No. 101 and No. 204 carrying you right to the Window of the World, which is opposite to Happy Valley. You can also take bus No. 223 to get off at the terminal. If you come by car, just drive along Shennan Thoroughfare to Overseas Chinese Town, then further to Happy Valley. You will have no difficulty finding us.

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He Xiangning Art Gallery

Hexiangning was a well-known woman artist in modern China. The gallery is one of the only two national galleries in China, only after China Art Gallery. It is mainly engaged in the collection, display and study of Hexiangning's paintings and calligraphy and works by some other artists as well. It is also devoted to the exhibition and collection of refined paintings from both home and abroad.
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Huaxia Art Center

Huaxia Art Center is a large comprehensive facility for art and culture. It has been the place for many large national and international conferences, exhibitions, and artistic and cultural exchanges in Shenzhen. The center has also attracted first class art troupes from home and abroad for performances in OCT every year. The pink main building itself and its outside setting of relief sculptures are harmonized into an artistic atmosphere.
(86 755) 6602 361, Fax: (86 755) 6602 294

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Happy Line

Happy Line is a state-of-the-art Swiss-made elevated monorail system. Trains run along a closed circular line, passing through the four magnificent theme parks, hotels and other tourist facilities in OCT. Passengers, while seated comfortably, can get a full view of the sights far and near along the 4.38km line.
Tel: (86 755) 6906 555, Fax : (86 755) 3906 111

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  Information provided by China National Tourism Administration.


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