Weihai was a land of Lai barbarian in xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasty. It was a territory of Qi Kingdom at the end of Spring and Autumn Period and a county under Qi prefecture after the unification of Qin Dynasty. After the Jiawu war in 1895, Weihai was degraded to a leased territory of Britain. In 1930, the Nationalist Government took it back. Weihai became an administrative district directly under the Administrative Council. In 1940, Anti-Japan Democratic Govemment was founded in Weihai. In 1945, Weihaiwei City was established, which is under Donghai Prefecture. After the founding of PR China, it was first under Wendeng Prefecture and belonged to Laiyang Prefecture in 1956. It was under Yantai Prefecture after 1958. Under the approval of the State Council, Weihai was upgraded to a prefecture-level city in June, 1987.

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Weihai was sit uated in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, at 12°34′ north latitude.
Facing Liaodong Peninsula to the north and Korea Peninsula and Japan Islands to the east. Weihai administers Rongcheng, Wendeng, Rushan and Huancui District, The longest distance from east to west is 135 kilometers and 81 kilometers from north to south. Weihai has a total area of 5,436 square kilometers, including 408 square kilometers in the city proper.

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Located in a middle-longitude area, Weihai has a mild monsoon continental climate. The changes of four seasons and coming and leaving of the monsoon are apparent. Compared with inland areas on the same longitude, the climate in Weihai has a characteristic of rich rain, moist air and mild temperature, With the regulatory of the sea, it is not cold in winter, nor is it extremely hot in summer. The climate is characterized by the following ocean climatic features: cold spring cool summer, warm autumn, warm winter, small temperature difference between day and night, long frost-free period and strong humidity. The annual average temperature is between 11.1℃ and 12.1℃. The annual average precipitation is between 750 millimeters and 850 millimeters. Annual average sunshine time is between 2,500 hours and 2,700 hours. Annual average frost-free period is 225 days. This kind of climate is good for the growth of varied animals and plants.

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Natural Ecological Environment

Bordering the sea in three directions, Weihai has a zigzagging coastline totaling 985.9 kilometers. There are verdant trees along the coast, rich and populous beaches, convenient bays, natural bathing beach and many small islands. Weihai is located in a hilly area. Except a few peaks higher than 500 meters, most areas are covered with wave-like hills, which are 200 or 300 meters high above sea level. There are 44 rivers longer than 10 kilometers in Weihai with a drainage area of 2,884 square kilometers. Weihai boasts rich natural resources 33 kinds of mines have been discovered including more than 10 kinds of metal mines. With a wide area of sea, Weihai has rich aquatic resources. The annual out put of aquatic products constitutes 60% of Shandong Province. Weihai is an important production base of aquatic products in China. On the drainage areas of the rivers, the fertile land is suitable to plant the farming and sideline products. Weihai is an important production base of commodity grain, peanuts and fruits in Shandong Province. The rich resources of hot springs in city proper are very important for the tourism development and recuperation.

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Weihai implemented the spirit of 15th Congress of CPC and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 15th Central Committee seriously in 1998. Through overcoming difficulties, grasping the opportunities, deepening the reform, expanding the opening up and promoting the development. Weihai regards the upgrading of quality and efficiency of economic development as its central task and has made new achievements in the reform and opening up as well as the construction of socialist modernization. The national economy is growing sustainably and rapidly. GDP in the city is 53.07 billion, 15% highter than that of 1997. The per capita GDP is 21,600 yuan. The agriculture has a good harvest. The total output of grain is 1.273 million tons, up 19.6%. The total output of peanuts is 0.272 million, up 42.6%. The total out put of fruits is 0.801 million ton, up 7.7%. The output of aquatic products reaches 2.21 million tons, up 5.2%. The additional value numbered 23.37 billion, up 18.5%. The market for domestic consumer products was prosperous with total retail volume of social consumer products reaching 13.259 billion, up 13.4%. The infrastructure facilities such as railway, road, water transportation and civil aviation were improving, The comprehensive transportation capability was strengthened. The urban construction quickened with a total area of 43.74 square kilometers. The finance and foreign trade developed constantly. Great economic results were achieved.

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With the development of economic construction, and the construction of spiritual civilization, Cultural undertakings in Weihai developed quickly. With ever-increasing cultural input and gradually improved cultural facilities, Weihai had 4 broadcasting stations with a broadcasting coverage of 86.6%; 4 TV stations with a TV coverage of 96.2%; 6 professional art troupes; 6 newspaper offices; libraries museums, painting and calligraphy studios, literature creation, archives, cinemas, and dancing halls. With complete cultural facilities and orderly cultural market, social cultural activities were colorful, literary arts were fruitful and the achievements of foreign cultural exchanges were conspicuous.

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A Survey of Tourist Industry

Weihai is a beautiful coastal tourist city. Since the reform and opening up, the tourist industry in Weihai has made great breakthroughs, bringing obvious social benefits and economic benefits and playing a great role in Weihai′s economic construction and opening up. During the 8 years from 8th Five-year Period to 1998, tourist arrivals to Weihai amounted to 32.82 million, of which overseas tourists totaled 320,000 with receipts in foreign exchange of US $ 140 million. The total receipts of the tourist industry reached 9.26 billion yuan. Overcoming all the difficulties, Weihai′s tourism made new achievements in 1998 with tourist arrivals numbering 4.775 million and total receipts of 2.79 billion yuan, up 8.5% and 12% respectively compared with 1997. The total tourist receipts constituted 5.2% of the city′s GDP. Weihai was selected as one of Top Tourist Cities of China. Up to 1998, Weihai had 59 tourist hotels including 19 star-rated ones, 19 travel agencies, 20 coach and cruise companies as well as many designated restaurants, designated shops and designated enterprises of tourist products. The tourist industry had 30,000 employees, The tourist industrial system was improving gradually and the industry was expanding.

Weihai faces the sea in 3 directions. With a coastline of 9856.5 kilometers and beautiful natural beaches, Weihai has rich tourism resources. In the recent 20 years, Weihai has attached great importance to the development of ecological tourism resources and has made an investment of 3 billion yuan in the utilization of tourism resources. Weihai has 5 tourist spots such as Liugong Island, Cheng Peak, Bible Hill, Cha Hill and Daru Hill and 4 provincial holiday resorts including Huancui, Silver Beach, Stone Island Bay and Swan Lake. There are also CCTV Weihai Film and TV City, Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo, Silver Beach Wind Energy Museum and Jiawu War Memorial Hall. In order to improve the uniqueness of the theme and characteristics of the tourist spots, Weihai absorbed international experience and measures in the development of the tourist resources and made great efforts to increase the scientific and technological content. Now Weihai is planning the following projects: Liugong Island World Naval War Museum, Cheng Peak Sea World and New Century Astronavigation Garden. Over 1 billion-yuan will be invested and the projects will start operation within 5 years. The tourist industry will have a bright future. The CPC Weihai Committee and Weihai Municipal Government attach great importance to the tourist industry. The tourist industry has been regarded as one of four pillar industries in Weihai′s economy and will be given a priority. The guideline for the future development of the tourism in Weihai is as follows: with building a modernized coastal tourist city as the central task, in accordance with the principle of "advance forward appropriately", sticking to the development strategies of large tourism, large market and large industry, having summer resort, holiday-making, recuperation and sightseeing as the theme, paying attention to construction at home and external promotion, developing the 6 major tourism components of transportation, sightseeing, accommodation, food, shopping and recreation, building up a new image for Weihai′s tourism. With adequate and ideal industrial systems, great economic strength and desirable industrial qualifications, the tourism in Weihai becomes a pillar industry for municipal economy and social development. The goal is that by the end of this century. Weihai will receive 116,000 overseas tourists with receipts in foreign exchange of US $ 37.46 million. Domestic tourist arrivals reach 6.69 million with receipts of 4.28 billion yuan. Total tourism revenues will make up 6.7% of GDP.

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City Flower of Weihai

Laurels are evergreen bushes with luxuriant leaves. It blossoms in middle autumn with a fragrance. It is a kind of bush suitable for institutions, schools and residences. Laurels are resistant to poisonous gas. Laurels grow well in the warm environment and under the sunshine Laurels can grow on many kinds of soils. The residents in Weihai have a long history of planting laurels and laurels are a favorite among the local people In May 1993, the Standing Committee of Weihai People's Congress determined the laurel as the city flower.

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City Tree of Weihai

Silk tree is a deciduous arbor. Its crown is like an umbrella. The leaves are thin and the shade of the tree is umbrella-shaped. With clusters of red flowers, silk trees are pretty and special. Silk trees are good for the neighborhood factories and mines with the green color. Silk trees can grow in the barren and arid land, even in cold regions. With an ability to solidify the earth, silk trees can function as protective belt along an embankment. In May 1993, the Standing Committee of Weihai People's Congress determined the silk tree as the city tree.

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Symbol of Weihai

The symbol of Weihai is composed of C.W.H---English capital letters of China Wei Hai. C has a curving edge in which there are blue ripples. Liugong Island stands in the middle of the bay, meaning Weihai is a beautiful coastal tourist city; W becomes deformed into an ancient sailing boat, meaning Weihai is a historical coastal defense spot. H is deformed into petals of the city flower which form spectacular light rings around the sun, meaning that Weihai is a garden city and the causes of Weihai are flourishing and prosperous like the newlyrising sun.

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Local Culture

International Fisher's Festival in Rongcheng
Originated from the tradition Guyu Festival of local fishers, the Festival is set up to express the gratitude of the local fishers for the "God of Sea". The fishers worship the god in the hope that each year the harvest of aquatic products will be satisfactory. Since the beginning of the reform and the opening, the fishers have led a well-to-do life. They put new cultural concepts into the festival. By holding the traditional festival, they just want to celebrate the happy life they are enjoying. The festival has become an important event in the lives of local fishers. In order to meet the demands of the fishers and give full play to the national culture, the Municipal Government of Rongcheng decided to hold International Fishers' Festival each year starting with 1991.

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The Accessibility to the City
The tourist transportation in Weihai develops rapidly. A three-dimensional transportation of sea, land and air has been formed, which makes the tourists at home and abroad very convenient.

The Airport
Built according to the international standard, the airport has gone through the inspection of the departments concerned and is capable of the takeoff and landing of Boeing 747. At present, the routes from Weihai to Beijing, Harbin, Guangzhou, Haikou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Dalian as well as chartered flights heading for ROK and Japan have opened.

The Railway Station and Tourist Trains
The railway station is located in Songbo County of Weihai Economic Technological Development zone. Since its operation in March 1995 the volume of handing is increasing at an annual rate of 150,000 tons. The tourist train from Weihai to Qingdao and Zibo started in April 1996 and in May 1997 respectively. Up to now, over 1 million tons of cargo have been handled and more than 60,000 passengers been transported safely. In 1997, the railway in Weihai was among the top ones in the Province. In 1998 the train from Weihai to Beijing Jinan started, which signaled the further development of the railway business.

The Docks of Rivers, Lake and Sea
Weihai has three national category-1 open ports and three category-3 ports, six 10,000-ton shipping docks and nine 5,000-ton shipping docks. The passenger transportation from Dalian to Inchon of ROK opened. The ships return to and from the city proper and Liugong Island. There are three docks for tourist ships, two docks for small boats and one dock for landing boat as well as piloting tower, lounge and inner dock of Liugong Island, Twenty-three ships with 2905 seats are available, which conduct passenger transportation from Weihai to Liugong Island. The yearly passengers handled amount to 1.8 million.

The Shipping Schedule from Weihai to Inchon (New Golden Bridge)

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

08:00 arrival Inchon
18:00 departure


08:00 arrival

18:00 departure


08:00 arrival
18:00 departure



08:00 arrival 17:00 departure


08:00 arrival 17:00 departure


08:00 arrival 17:00 departure

(For Reference Only)

The Shipping Schedule from Weihai to Dalian (For Reference Only)

Ships Weihai(departure) Dalian (Departure)





10:00 17:00


14:00 17:30

Tianpeng 19:00

19:00 3:00


20:00 4:00




Exits and Entrances for the Expressway
There are expressways linking Yantai and Weihai, Qingdao and Weihai as well as first-grade road from Chu Village to Zhangjiapu. Centered on the city proper and radiating to the road networks of Rongcheng, Wendeng and Rushan, the roads in Weihai and the roads to neighboring areas are well connected.

Transportation in the City Proper
The passenger transportation by taxies is developing quickly. There are 1,900 taxies in Weihai. Of which, 1,379 are in the city proper. 90 are luxury or medium-level ones, 1,504 are ordinary ones and 185 are minivans. For the medium-level taxies or better, the rate is 7 yuan within 3 kilometers. The other taxies have a rate of 5 yuan within 3 kilometers and 1.2 yuan per kilometer beyond 3 kilometers, Under the management of the departments concerned, the taxies in Weihai have improved their looks and service standards. In May 1997, 36 taxis were selected as “Leifeng Taxi” in a contest held by the municipal transportation authority.

The Bus Routes in the city Proper

Bus Routes

Starting Point



Gongyou Group

Experimental Middle School


Weihai Big World

Zhang Village


Bus Station



Bus Station

Wangjia Village


Experimental Middle School

Dachuan Xi


Bus Station

Xilao Terrace


Bus Station

Torch Mansion


Chenjia Hou Gou

Bus Station


Hua Ke Long

Experimental Middle School


Yue Jia Village

Huaneng Power Plant


Hua Ke Long

Bank of Communications


Wanfu Hotel

Life Insurance Company


Life Insurance Company

Sunjiazhuang Village


Weihai Big World

Film and TV City


Passenger Station



Weihai Big World

Huaxia Emperor Palace

The Transportation to and from the Main Scenic Spots
Now, tourist buses are available from Weihai City to Cheng Peak, Film and TV City and Bathing Beach. In May 1998, the tourist buses linking Weihai with Yangma Island and Penglai Pavilion opened, which makes the residents easier to travel.

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Shopping and Food

Tourist Shopping

  • Hualian shopping Mansion
    Address : No.58 Xinwei Road
    Post code : 264200
    Telephone No. 0631-5222888
    Main Products : daily utensils, food, textiles, electronic products, children's products, clocks and sport products

  • Weihai Department Store
    Address : No. 64 Xinwei Road
    Post code : 264200
    Telephone No : 0631-5225876
    Main Products : comprehensive, 40,000 kinds of commodities

  • Store of cultural Relics
    Address: East of Museum, Wenhua Middle Road,
    Post code: 264200
    Telephone No: 0631-5802975
    Main Products: paintings, cultural relics, tourist souvenirs

  • Yuhongxiang silk Gift Store
    Address : No.21, Kunming Road
    Post code : 264200
    Telephone No : 0631-5200082
    Main Products : silks, books, paintings, souvenirs

  • Weihai Tourist store of Silk
    Address : No. 62, North Haibin Road
    Post code : 264200
    Telephone No : 0631-5223075
    Main Products : silks, souvenirs

Well-known Local Products

  • Apples : Of various types, delicious, famous at home and a broad

  • Peanuts : The peanuts here are large and full. They enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.

  • Scallop : In addition to the local scallop, Weihai has imported American Gulf Scallop and become the largest scallop breeding base nationwide. Proteins account for 61.8 percent of the scallop. The liquid drawn from the scallop can also be used to combat cancer.

  • Prawns : Of a large body, the prawns are delicious and nutritious. The annual output reaches over 20,000 tons.

  • Sea cucumber : The sea cucumbers here are fat and large. As one of 8 valuable aquatic products, it is of high medical value.

  • Black-carp : The fish is delicious. The roes of it are called "yellow jewels". It enjoys a high reputation in the international market.

  • Abalone : Being extremely delicious and nutritious, the abalones are of the first-class.

  • Crab : Of a large body, the crabs are delicious and nutritious.


Fengshengyuan Restaurant
Address : No.95, east Guzhai Road, Weihai
Telephone No : 0631-5817677
Features : Mainly fast food and seafood

Seafood Restaurant
Address : No.50, Yugang Road
Telephone No : 0631-5325196
Features : seafood
Huancui Restaurant
Address : No. 42 Yuhua Road
Telephone No : 0631-5214571
Features : Fast food of local flavor

Kaiyue talent Training Center
Address : No.6, Huanhai road
Telephone No : 0631-5262948
Features : Living seafood

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  Information provided by China National Tourism Administration.


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