Xi'an is known as "the Cradle of Chinese Nationality". It is not only the birthplace of Chinese Nationality, but also the important human birthplace and one of the prehistoric culture centers in Asia. There is a saying, "Xi'an located in the center of Qinling had been made capital since the ancient times." Xi'an is a city with a long history, in which many ancient Chinese dynasties established their capitals. From Xizhou with the flourishing slavery to Tang Dynasty with the peak of feudalism, there had been a total of 12 dynasties that built capitals here. As an ancient capital with thousands of years of history and the starting point of the "Silk Road", Xi'an served as an important pivot and center in ancient foreign economy and culture exchange. After the 10th Century A.D., with the focus of Chinese economy, politics and culture moved eastward, Xi'an attracted high attentions from rulers of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, because it was, first of all, taken as an important town militarily and politically in northwest, serving as an important strategic position to maintain the stability in northwest and guard the safety in central China.

Xi'an is a city with glorious revolutionary traditions. In 841 B.C. the National Insurrection in Haojing was a very famous large-scale mass insurrection which expelled the king in Chinese history. Red Eyebrow and Lulin Peasant Rebellion at the end of Xihan, Tang-eng Huangchao Peasant Rebellion and Ming-end Li Zicheng Peasant Rebellion all once built Peasant Rebellion Political Powers in Xi'an. During Tongzhi years of Qing Dynasty, the Muslim peasants in Shaanxi rose in rebellion, and set off an upsurge of peasant rebellion in Xi'an and Guanzhong area. On Oct. 22,1911, Shanxi Revolutionary Political Party members and Gelaohui jointly rose in rebellion, and after 2 days of hot fighting, they took control in Xi'an and overthrew Qing's ruling in Xi'an. During the Anti-Japanese War, Xi'an was both a gateway to guard the Vast Northwest and a hub of communication for connecting the anti-Japanese base areas in enemy's rear with the Big Rear Area, and contributed greatly to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. On May 20,1949, PLA liberated Xi'an, and the People's Government of Xi'an proclaimed its founding.

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Xi'an is located in the guanzhong Basin of the middle section of Yellow River Valley in the center area of mainland China. The total area of Xi'an is 9,983 square kilometers. Qinling Mountains span in the south of the city, and the absolute altitude of its ridge is 2,000-2,800 meters. Also it is an important geographical dividing line of South and North China. To the north of Xi'an, along the border of Huangtu Highland, the Beishan mountain system consist of Liang mountain, Yellow Dragon Mountain, Yaowang Mountain and Long Mountain which echo one another at a distance with Qinling Mountains, which forms a barrier around the Guanzhong Plain. Wei River, the largest branch of Yellow River, flows across Guanzhong Plain. Guanzhong Plain came into being due to the alleviation of Wei River and its branches, so it is also called Weihe Plain. The Plain begins from Baoji in the west, and reaches the Yellow River in the east, known as "800-li Qinchuan'.

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There are sharp distinctions among seasons in Xi'an. Because Xi'an is in the area of Eastern Asia warm temperate zone continental monsoon climate, the climate in Xi'an is warmer and more humid than its surroundings, with an annual average temperature between 6.4 and 13.4℃. The annual average temperature of the urban district and the counties on the plain area is between 13.0 and 13.4℃, and the annual average precipitation of this area is between 537.5 and 1028.4mm. The annual average precipitation of the urban district is 584.9mm.

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Natural Ecological Environment

Xi'an is located with its south
Xi'an is located with its south to Qinling Mountains and its north to the Weihe River. It has fertile soils and crowded rivers. The climate is warm and humid and the natural environment is fine. The types of mountainous young plants are numerous. The plain abounds in grain, cotton and various kinds of fruit. Due to the increase of the earth's surface heat, there are 5 big earth heat areas inside Xi'an City, and all of them have hot mineral water with high medical value.to Qinling Mountains and its north to the Weihe River. It has fertile soils and crowded rivers. The climate is warm and humid and the natural environment is fine. The types of mountainous young plants are numerous. The plain abounds in grain, cotton and various kinds of fruit. Due to the increase of the earth's surface heat, there are 5 big earth heat areas inside Xi'an City, and all of them have hot mineral water with high medical value.

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Since the founding of the PRC, Xi'an has developed from a poor and backward deformed consuming city in Old China into our nation's important city of modern processing industry base, scientific research and higher education base, international tourist city and commerce and trade center. With a number of large and middle enterprises and machinery, electronics, textile and defense industries as the backbone, Xi'an has formed a modem industrial production system with many types of light industry, chemical industry, food, metallurgy, construction materials, electric and medical production, etc. Her industries such as high-voltage transmitting and transforming electricity equipment, airplane manufacturing, electronic and communication equipment, automation instruments, petroleum prospecting instruments, optical instruments, refrigeration equipment, railway tanker, wristwatch and sewing machine, etc. are among the best in the country.

The total industrial output value of Xi'an accounts for 21% of that of all provinces and districts in the northwest area, and 40% of Shaanxi Province; the original value of her industrial fixed assets and paid taxes account for beyond 40% of Shaanxi Province. In addition, the Electronic Industry Zone, the Nation-level Xi'an High and New Technology Develop Zone and Xi'an Economic Technology Develop Zone that have been established since Reform and Opening up, together with those rapidly developed foreign-funded enterprises, stock enterprises, town enterprises and private enterprises, have become a new growth point and newly-born power in Xi'an industry.

Xi'an is the gateway to Central China from the 5 provinces in the northwest, possessing the advantage of the largest commercial and trade center in the northwest. During "the Eighth Five Years" period, the total investment of the city's commercial and trade facilities projects was 1.7 billion RMB and finished building 211 commercial and trade facilities, including more than 30 high-level large-scale commercial and trade facilities. The city has set up a number of fairly large wholesale markets and trade centers. Among those there are 33 wholesale markets of every type of meat, non-staple food, vegetables, general merchandise, clothing, hardware and chemical industry products, etc. and 34 grain wholesale markets, primary markets and exchanges, and 38 material buildings, wholesale centers and trade centers of steel, timber, coal, gas and motor vehicles. There are a total of 458 fair trade markets of every type, among which there are 19 ones with an annual business volume over 100 million RMB. The development of merchandise market encourages that of production elements market. The intermediary organizations of circulation improve day after day and the city's open market system of multi-level, multi-channel and multi-dimension has gradually taken shape.

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A Survey of Tourist Industry

Xi'an is a world famous historical culture city and is one of the cities with the most profound tourist resource throughout the country. It enjoys exceptional advantages in developing tourist industry. Qinshihuang's Warriors and Horses Figurine Pit is known as "the world 8th miracle". Ming's ancient city wall is the ancient castle most complete in preservation and most broad in scale so far in the world. The Steles Forest Museum is the largest stone-book storehouse in our country. And the Banpo Ruins Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, the Tang Great Wild Goose Tower, the Small Wild Goose Tower, Ming Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Huajue Temple Mosque inside the urban area of Xi'an, the Gong Wang Mountains Lantian Ape Ruins, Water-land Temple, Wuzhen Temple, Tower Watch Post, etc. inside Xi'an tourist area, and Huang Di Tomb, Han Mao Tomb, Tang Qian Tomb, Fa Men Temple etc. in Xi'an's surrounding areas are all well-known scenic spots at home and abroad. Xi'an's boasts its natural scenic resources with high mountains, straight peaks, precipitous cliffs, and unique beauty. There are natural scenic spots of West Mountain Huashan, Zhongnan Mountain, Taibai Mountain, Wangshun Mountain, Lishan Huaqing Pond, Tower Watch Post, and Lantian Karst Caves, etc. inside and in the neighborhood of the city. Humanity and nature, ancient city and new looks combine together to make up the unique style of the ancient capital of Xi'an. It draws a strong attraction to tourists at home and abroad.

Xi'an takes full advantages of its resources and makes great effort in developing its tourist industry, and have made great achievements :
(Ⅰ) Tourist facilities are being perfected day by day.
There are currently 36 foreign-related tourist hotels (among which, 18 are 3-star and 4-star, 4 are 5-star) in Xi'an, with over 20,000 beds and an annual receiving capability of more than 2,400,000 tourists. There are outstanding improvements in tourist transportation. Xi'an Xianyang International Airport opens several domestic international lines; Xi'an Railway Station has an average delivering capability of more than 60,000 tourists per day. There are more than 2,800 km roads in Xi'an and 5 backbones of nation-roads running through here. The construction of high-grade expressways of Xi-Lin, Xi-Tong and Xi-Bao Expressways, etc. makes a convenient transportation for Xi'an to east, south, west and north. There are 9 special tourist lines in the city, and there are more than 7,000 tourist rental cars and more than 600 middle and large luxurious cars for receiving overseas tourists. Local characteristics has gradually come into shape in the production of tourist merchandise, such as replicas of Qin Figurine, Qin Embroidery, handicraft pottery, Hu County peasant Painting, Guanzhong paper-cut and other folk handicrafts. There are a total of 21 foreign-related tourist designated shops and large-scale shopping centers as Min Sheng, Kai Yuan, Tang City and Qiu Lin, etc. They can fairly satisfy the shopping needs of tourists at home and abroad.

There are a total of 27 foreign-related tourist designated restaurants, which supply each kind of delicious dishes, such as the top 8 Chinese Food and Euro-American Western Food, Japanese Food, Korean Roast Food, and Southeastern Flavored Food, etc. They have also explored more than 120 kinds of replicas of Tang Dishes, forming traditional dishes focused on Tang Dishes and modem dishes focused on Shaan Dishes. Snacks and Jiaozi Banquet with local characteristics in particular attracts customers from all over the world. In order to enrich tourists' entertainment and satisfy their vacationing needs, the City of Xi'an builds a great number of entertainment facilities, such as Tangle Palace, Ancient Capital Grand Theater, Garden Song and Dance Theater, Shaan Song Grand theater, Yisu Grand Theater, Taoyuan Lake Bowling Club, Weiyang Lake Polo Club, Weiyang Lake Amusement Park and New Taohuayuan Leisure Villa, etc. And the City promotes culture and art programs of "Tang Chang'an Music Dance" and "Replica of Tang Music Dance", etc. and they have a lasting show-life and win high praises from audiences at home and abroad. The Government of Xi'an City started in 1996 to develop and construct the Qujiang River Resort of 155,000 square kilometers, so to further improve Xi'an tourist set facilities.

(Ⅱ) High Performance Receiver Team and High Level Service Quality
By the end of 1997, there have been more than 400 units of various kinds engaged in tourist business in Xi'an area, among which there are 155 foreign-related ones. There are more than 30,000 service personnel directly engaged in tourist reception and up to more than 120,000 indirectly engaged in tourist reception. In every previous speciality skill contest held in national tourist industry and in every service quality poll, Xi'an's tour guides and hotel attendants won top prizes and good comments from tourists at home and abroad for several times. Their tour-guiding level in particular is generally acknowledged as the first class by tourists and colleagues at home and abroad. Three universities in the city has established Tour Department, training superior talents engaged in tourist administration. In addition, there are more than 10 tour profession training schools, training a great number of students for tourist industry. The establishment of the education training network at 3 levels of superior, intermediate and junior satisfies the needs for Xi'an tourist industry education and training on the whole. The city's responsible authorities for tour impose the business license system on the tour units throughout the city for them to practice tourism business; and establish a fairly perfect control, complaint, supervision system of tourist service quality.

(Ⅲ) Lasting and Stable Development Tendency
During the 20 years since Reform and Opening up, the tourist industry in Xi'an has speedily developed. In 1997, a total of 485,000 tourists were received, higher than that of the same period of the last year by 6.92%; tour foreign exchange income was 201,000,000 US dollars, higher than the same period of the last year by 9.3%; domestic tourists received are 9,620,000, higher than the same period of the last year by 8.7%. The total tour income is 6,700,000,000 RMB. The tourist industry further stabilized its position as a backbone industry in national economy.
In 1998, Xi'an City received 479,836 overseas tourists and 10,580,000 domestic tourists, and the total tour income was 7,200,000,000 RMB, accounting for 12.6% of Xi'an GNP.

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Local Culture

Dramas and Quyi

  • Shaanxi Opera
    Shaanxi Opera, which is also called "random pluck," is the main type of drama in Shanxi area and also the most ancient existing one in dramatic arts of our country. As the earliest ancestor of Beijing Opera, Yu Opera, Chuan Opera and Hebei Opera, it has formed its own system with unique vocal music, spoken parts, types of facial makeup, posture, role, category and acting. It was originated in Guanzhong, Shaanxi Province, and spreading out in northwestern area.

  • Beijing Opera
    Beijing Opera, with a history of 200 years and a national population, can represent most of the national style and occupies an important position in the artistic treasure house of the world. It not only has the delicate and special vocal music and dance which is mixed with Chinese ancient martial arts, but also has a particular way of singing. Its spoken words own the characteristics of music. The roles of Beijing Opera can be divided into the male, female, painted-face and comic according to the categories of man, woman, old, youth, handsome, ugly, positive and negative. Besides, it also has vivid types of facial makeup, bright-colored costumes and head ornaments that can win everyone's admiration. So Beijing Opera is really a national treasure of China.

  • Yu Opera
    Yu Opera is also spreading out in Shanxi area and has won the preference of the local people.

  • Acrobatics
    Chinese Acrobatics enjoys world-famous reputation and is appreciated by people all over the world.

  • The Stage Play
    The stage play has been existing in China for more than 70 years and developing quickly. It absorbs the excellent national culture and collects the materials from the real life. Nowadays, it has owned countless audience with its brand-new spirit and vitality.

  • Leather Silhouette
    Leather-Silhouette Show is one of the well spreading prop dramas among Chinese people. The shadows of ingenious leather-silhouettes are showed on a screen by means of light. Then the artisans will move them behind the screen following the music and singing. People are very fond of this ancient and special drama. This opera was originated in Han Dynasty, developed in Tang Dynasty and became prosperous in Song Dynasty. Shaanxi Leather-Silhouette Show has many kinds of vocal music. The artisans' skills or both performance and carving have reached a very high level. The traditional repertories are "Competing to Become the Bridegroom" and "Traveling the West Lake".

  • Song and Dance Opera
    The large classic royal palace dramas "Music Dance Imitating Tang" and "Tang Chang'an Music Dance", composed and performed by Shaanxi Song and Dance Troupe, show the artistic style of splendor, simplicity and grace. Its composition and background music have reached a high level and won both the domestic and international audience, experts and scholars. Being shown a lot of times and loved deeply by people, the dramas have become a very important part of the Shaanxi tourist culture.

Local Art

  • Chinese Painting Art
    The founders of Chang'an Painting School are Mr. Zhao Wangyun and Mr. Shi Lu, masters in the modern painting circles. Creations of Chang'an Painting School choose the local conditions and customs and humanities as their main subject matter. They pursue vividness, novelty and liveliness in their expression of art, which forms a unique art style of Chinese Painting, and the school has become a powerful force in Chinese Painting circles.

  • Shanbei Paper-Cut
    As a time-honored folk art form, Paper-Cut is liked by all Chinese nationalities. Among all the paper-cuts, Shanbei Paper-Cut is particularly conspicuous. Shanbei Paper-Cut integrated the styles of Qin and Han, its style simple and graceful, unconstrained and decent as well. Shanbei Paper-Cut creations have been exhibited in Xi'an, Beijing, etc. for several consecutive years, and received high remarks. In recent years, Shanbei Paper-Cut handicraftsmen have frequently gone abroad to show their skills, and they have caused a great sensation.

  • Shaanxi Farmers Painting
    Shaanxi Farmers Painting was originated among the countryside people, the subjects of their painting often includes human figures, animals, flowers and birds. The structure of the painting is simple, clear and graceful and the painting emphasizes the quantity of color, and pursues sharp visual effect. Shaanxi Farmers Painting has a strong air of local customs and forms a unique art style, and it has received high praises from tourists and experts both at home and abroad. Shaanxi Farmers Painting is mainly distributed in Hu County in the central Shaanxi plain, Ansai and Luochuan in Shanbei. Hu County was praised as the "hometown of Peasant Painting", and there are over 2,000 native-born peasant painters in Hu County, many of their excellent works are collected by art galleries in China and abroad.

  • Fengxiang Colored-Drawing Clay Sculpture
    Fengxiang colored-drawing clay sculpture enjoys a good fame at home and abroad for its elegant shape, beautiful color and vividness. It was said that Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty had ever stationed his troop here, most of his soldiers were Jiangxi brothers who could make clay sculptures. After being settled here as farmers, they often made toys and presents in their spare time. As time passes by, it has become today's clay sculpture with colored drawings. As the tourist business develops, this ancient flower of folk art grows more and more prosperous, and it has become an important tourist souvenir of Shaanxi.

  • Dough Flower
    Fengxiang colored-drawing clay sculpture enjoys a good fame at home and abroad for its elegant shape, beautiful color and vividness. It was said that Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty had ever stationed his troop here, most of his soldiers were Jiangxi brothers who could make clay sculptures. After being settled here as farmers, they often made toys and presents in their spare time. As time passes by, it has become today's clay sculpture with colored drawings. As the tourist business develops, this ancient flower of folk art grows more and more prosperous, and it has become an important tourist souvenir of Shaanxi.

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City Accessibility
As a famous tourist city, Xi'an built expressways to Lintong, Tongchuan and Baoji one after another, thus have strengthened its radiant effects of a central tourist city in the west. High class roads built on the famous scenic spots from Xi'an to its suburban counties and the north slope of the Qin Mountains, transfixion of the 2nd Ring, widening of the three-bridge New Street and North Avenue and other projects provide very convenient conditions of traffic for visitors to Xi'an. Xi'an Railway Branch Bureau provides travel trains from Xi'an to Mount Hua and Zhengzhou. Xi'an Xianyang International Airport provides more than 80 national flights, 6 international flights and 2 international charter flights, thus achieves direct flights to major tourist cities and scenic spots all over the country.

Domestic and International Airlines
As "silk road in the air" in the northwest of China, Xi'an Xianyang International airport is a first class national civilian airport operated officially from 1991. It has advanced equipment, perfect runways, a 21,118 square meter waiting building and complete service system. So it has established relationship with more than 20 airline companies at home and abroad. It sets up a bridge in the air leading Xi'an to the world with more than 2.8 million annual passenger throughput and more than 5 million ton annual cargo throughput.
Now it can provide flights to cities namely : Peking, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Beihai, Baotou, Chengdu, Changsha, Dalian, Guiyang, Dunhuang, Guilin, Haikou, Shenzhen, Haerbin, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Hefei, Jinan, Jiayuguan, Kunming, Lasa, Yinchuan, Yantai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Wulumuqi, Qinhuangdao, Zhuhai, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Zhanjiang, Yichang, Shantou, Nanchang, Ningbo, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Wenzhou, Xining, Yulin, Yan'an, Hanzhong, Ankang, Xiameng; Mingguwu (なこゃ), Fugang (ふくぉか), Guangdao (Hiroshima, or ひろしま), Xinxie (In Japan), Macao, Hongkong

Railway Stations, Trains Specially for Travel
There are 6 passenger transport railway stations in Xi'an, and the Xi'an Railway Station is one of the eight national top grade railway stations. It has a station district coverage of 597 thousand square meters, 5 passenger platforms, and 24 rails. It actually provides 112 trains and its daily transportation of passengers is 80 thousand person times. In the Xi'an Railway Branch, there are excursion trains from Xi'an to Zhengzhou, from Xi'an to Lanzhou, and from Xi'an to Mount Hua. In August 1998, "Changan Bright Pearl" travel train from Xi'an to Hongkong was provided jointly by Xi'an Railway Station National Travel Agency. Xi'an Travel Agency and Shaanxi Chinese Travel Agency.

High class railways eastward, westward and northward with Xi'an as the center includes the Xilin Expressway (from Xi'an to Lintong), the Xibao Expressway (From Xi'an to Baoji), the Xitong Road (the first class road from Xi'an to Tongchuan), and the special expressway from Xi'an to the Xianyang Airport.

Urban Traffic
Linking all scenic spots on the east line, the No.306/307 sighting buses from Xi'an to Lintong are provided. The full length is 40 kilometers with 17 bus stations. In Xi'an, the No.610 buses for sighting in the city are provided. The full length is 15 kilometers, and luxurious passenger buses with air conditioners are used. In the bus, travel guide services both in Chinese and English is provided. In the Xi'an City, there are 82 public traffic lines, 15 mid-bus lines, and the total length is 1286.6 kilometers. Constantly, the City Public Traffic Company enhances the grade of the transport vehicles, and 68 buses with air conditioners are provided recently to give convenience to the visitors.

Line Bus Stations
  No.611 Railway Station-East Avenue-Bell Drum Square-Great Mosque-West Gate Circumvallation
  No.603 Railway Station-South Avenue-Circumvallation Circumvallation (Stele Forest)-Tangle Palace
  No.8 Bell Tower-East Avenue-Xingqing Palace Park-Zoo
  No.5 Railway Station-Liberation Road-Circumvallation-Dayan Tower-Historical Museum
  No.401 Historical Museum-Dayan Tower-Xingqing Palace Banpo Museum
  No.21 Emperor Qin’s Palace-Dayan Tower-Xiaoyan Tower
  No.509 Tangcheng Hotel-Circumvallation (north gate)-Weiyang Lake Amusement Park
  No.14 Railway Station-Liberation Road-Stele Forest-Tangle Palace (Grassland Slope)

Taxis :
There are more than 10 thousand taxis in Xi'an City, enough to satisfy the requirements of the visitors at home and abroad in terms of the amount. The main models of the taxis are Santana made in Shanghai, Xiali made in Tianjin and Alto made in Xi'an. Taxis serve 24 hours a day, so the visitors can use it at any time. The Taxi Management Bureau of Xi'an City strengthens the work of management by forming strict system and announcing telephone of complaints to the society. Most of the taxis are clean and sanitary. They provide canonical service, and charge according to the price meter. So basically refusal of carrying and cheating has been stopped. Shanghai Santana: lowest price :
8.00 yuan (3 kilometers)
2.00 yuan/kilometer
Tianjin Xiali : lowest price :
5.00 yuan (3 kilometers)
1.40 yuan/kilometers
Xi'an Alto : lowest price :
5.00 yuan (3kilometers)
1.20 yuan/kilometer

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Shopping and Food

  • Xi'an Hua Hui Jade ware Co. Ltd.
    Xi'an Hua Hui Jade ware Co. Ltd. is directly subordinate to Rui Sen Group of Xi'an Communication University. It is a big enterprise which integrates jade mining, technologic designing, carving and processing, marketing, etc. the area of the company is over 2,000 square meter, is also a designated unit of Foreign Affairs Office Shaanxi Province and Xi'an Travel Bureau. To carry forward Chinese culture is the tenet of Hua Hui Co. The company gathers all kinds of jade material both domestic and overseas, including Khotanese jade of Sinkiang Province, Lantian jade, Xiu jade of Northeast China, Du jade of Henan province, Burmese jadeite, Pakistani jade, Afghan chauche, etc., which are precipitously machined into all kinds of technologic presents, traveling souvenir, technologic jewelry and archaize modernistic carving. Its products are sparkling and crystal-clear, noble and elegant, wonderful and excelling nature, reflecting one another with the spacious, bright and elegant shopping environment, which fully reveals the extensity and profundity of Chinese jade culture. Facing the forthcoming 21st century, Hua Hui Company will receive guests both at home and abroad with a brand-new feature, and it hopes that the phrase "the kindly help of our jade makes you success" is a well-wishing for people of the same trade and people of all circles.
    Address : Xing Qing South Road No.1, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-2667868,2668055 , Postcode : 710049

  • Xi'an Yu Min Co. Traveling Product Shop
    Brief Introduction : Xi'an Yu Min Co. Traveling Product Shop is 9 kilometers away from the central area of Xi'an. This location is the northern gate of the ancient city of Xi'an, and it's the only way towards Xianyang International airport. The traveling product factory is right behind the shop, and all of the commodities are produced by its own company. Its products include cashmere series, woolen clothes, wool series and technologic embroidery. Its product shop is open to tourists in business hours, and tourists can visit the technological producing process before purchasing so that they can know fairly well about the quality and price of the products. The tenet of Yu Min Shop is: to make every buyer appreciate the dignity of woolen products with an inexpensive price and get newer understanding about the woolen products, and to make Chinese woolen products spread all over the world.
    Address : Inside Zhangjiabao Yumin Wool Spinning Inc., the northern suburbs of Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-6245688 , Postcode : 710021

  • Xi'an Folk Art Gallery
    Brief Introduction : Xi'an Folk Art Gallery is directly subordinate to Xi'an Travel Bureau, it's an independent accounting unit owned by the whole people. The Art Gallery has a corporation qualification, its representative of artificial person is Li Hongkai. The business area of Xi'an Folk Art Gallery is 1200 square meters and it has 80 employees. Its main commodities are traveling souvenir, industrial arts and crafts, jewelry and jade ware, the four treasures of the study, silk, woolen blanket, cultural relics and curios, etc. for years, the Art Gallery has been commended by provincial and city Travel Bureaus for many times, and was chosen as trustworthy enterprise. It was also praised by the city travel bureau in the "achieving good result and choosing excellent" campaign of travel business. While entering 1999, the Art Gallery was fit up on the original base, and the employees were all trained before come into their post and received qualified business certification. This greatly enhanced the employee mass. As to the display of commodities, the gallery varied its commodities, there are more than 1000 kinds of products now. On the occasion of the Chinese Travel Year of 1999, all the staff of the Gallery is receiving customers from all over the world with their warm service. They supply free tea and drinks so that every guest could have a rest in their tour and choose their favorite souvenirs. The Gallery also manages international through transport to meet the various needs of the tourists.
    Address : Xingqing Road No.33, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-3242059,3242575 , Postcode : 710048

  • The Tourist Department of Xi'an Phoenix Embroidery Factory
    Brief Introduction : Xi'an Phoenix Embroidery Factory is a specialized embroidery manufacturer which were set up in 1954, it's also a designated tourist products manufacturing enterprise sanctified by the National Travel Bureau and National Domestic Trade Bureau. Its main products include mechanical embroidery, manual embroidery, tie-dyeing, silk blankets, appliqué, embroidered clothes, all kinds of art ware. As an operating feature, the factory is located right behind the store, which organically combines shopping and visiting the process of manufacturing, to promote sales by manufacturing. Its products won awards for excellent new products of the Travel Bureau, Shaanxi Province and Xi'an City very frequently. For years, especially in the recent several years, directed and helped by the civic travel bureau, the embroidery factory has achieved definite success in tourism. As a result of the unremitting efforts of all the staff, the factory has enjoyed a definite prestige and creditability. All the staff of Phoenix Embroidery Factory warmly welcomes friends at home and abroad to come, visit, purchase and make orders.
    Address : Dong Er Road No.33, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-7447689,7421473 , Postcode : 710005

  • The Tourist Department of Xi'an Artist Ceramic
    Brief Introduction : The Tourist Department of Xi'an Artist Ceramic Factory is the first enterprise approved by the Cultural Relic Replication and Imitation Administration to produce and sell Tang Tricolor, Qin terracotta warriors and horses, and it was confirmed as a unit concerning foreign affairs in 1984. The ceramic factory mainly produces national traditional cultural art ware, imitations of Qin pottery figurines, Tang Tricolor, imitations of Song Tian Mu glazed pottery, celadon, etc., and also produces chinaware, jade ware and silk blanket concurrently. The factory occupies an area of 1600 square meters, and has the ability of producing, visiting, performing, selling and consigning for shipment abroad, series of service. The factory is very well equipped and the environment is quite elegant, it attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year. The art ware including Qin terracotta warriors and horses, Tang Tricolor and encaustic won Baihua Prize, the blue ribbon for fine souvenirs which awarded by the Light Industry Department and the provincial and civic travel bureau. They are good presents to friends and relatives for collections and appreciation.
    Address : Eastern Suburbs Power Plant Road East No.5, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-3519063,3526174 , Postcode : 710038

  • Xi'an Wen Bao Zhai Travel Shopping Center
    Brief Introduction:
    Xi'an Wen Bao Zhai Travel Shopping Center is the first group of designated shopping stores in the northwest region. As a result of years of outstanding service and nice shopping environment, Xi'an Wen Bao Zhai Travel Shopping Center has attracted customers all over the world and made them arrive in high spirits and depart well content. It was frequently commended by provincial and civic travel bureaus and the related branches. The accumulative total of customers that the shopping center has received has exceeded 300,000 person-times since 1980, and it's an important window of the policy of opening to the outside world of Xi'an, which has won recognition from guests all over the world.

    Xi'an Wen Bao Zhai Travel Shopping Center is subordinate to Xi'an Art Advertisement Company, with an operating area over 3,000 square meters and hundreds of employees. The main commodities of the first floor are mainly silk blanket, woolen blanket and silk clothes from the major provenance of China; commodities of the second floor are mainly jewelry and jade ware, original works of famous calligraphers and painters, cultural relics and curios; on the third floor are mainly replications and imitations of terracotta warriors and horses, pottery figurine, bronze carriages and horses, etc. there are about 35 major categories and over 200 kind of commodities in the shopping center and it has formed a large-scale management of travel products.
    Address : Yan Ta Road Middle Section No.5, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-5512020, 5532380 , Fax : 029-5529115 , Postcode : 710054
    Representative of Artificial Person: Wang Peiyi

  • Xi'an Jade Carving Factory
    Brief Introduction : Jade carving is a kind of valuable industrial arts for viewing and appreciation, utility and collection. Xi'an jade Carving Factory is a jade carving producer designated by Chinese Light Industry Headquarters. It has a history of over 40 year, and there is a very strong technical force and consummate technology. Their products are fanciful and luxurious with a strong local color. The pearl and jade jewelry, manual tie-dyeing, rubbings and large in script ions have won national, provincial and civic excellent product awards for many times. Yu Shu Mo Lin Shopping Center, a subordinate unit of the carving factory, is a designated unit concerning foreign affairs. It receives foreign guests for visiting and shopping over 100,000 person-times each year. Its reputation is renowned at home and abroad. It's better to see by yourself rather than to hear for many times. Welcome to Carving Factory to see the wonderful products with your own eyes, you will be so delighted with them that you could hardly bear to put them down. Xi'an Jade Carving Factory is willing to initiate a variety of economic cooperation, set up an extensive business relationship and build up a friendly intercourse with friends at home and abroad to create a more beautiful future together.
    Address : Xiyi Road No.173, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-7457046,7458232 , Postcode : 710004

  • Xi'an Rong Sheng Zhai Friendship Mall
    Brief Introduction : Xi'an Rong Sheng Zhai Friendship Mall is the largest designated travel unit concerning foreign affairs in the northwest region. Its corporative general manager is Ma Jingchao. In the recent years, the mall has been chosen as "attaching importance on contract, keeping faith" enterprise and won the honorable title of "trustworthy unit for consumers" for many times. There are over 100 employees in the mall and its operation area is over 3000 square meters, the decoration inside the mall is elegant and decent. The area in front of the mall is well afforested, and there is also a large parking lot, which provide a wonderful shopping environment for the customers. The commodities in the mall are mainly traveling art ware, including jewelry and jade ware, original work of famous calligraphers and painters, silk product, cultural relic, silk blanket, etc. There are 36 major categories and up to a thousand varieties. Their prices are unitarily supervised and marked by the price office, each product with a price tag. The commodities is placed in order and well arranged, it's a comprehensive shopping place with high-level service, which incorporates visiting, shopping and enjoying all together.
    Address : Jin Hua South Road No.1, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-2229903 , Fax : 029-2229909 , Postcode : 710048


  • De Fa Chang Hotel
    Brief Introduction : De Fa Chang Hotel is located on the northern side of Zhong Gu Square with an operating area of 3400 square meters. The outside of the building has an air of great antiquity, its interior decoration is very luxurious. This restaurant is currently the largest specialized dumpling restaurant in China, providing the most variety of dumplings. The dumpling restaurant is divided into snack division, banquet division and VIP division, serving the guests with different grades and styles. The dumpling feast gathers the unique skills of Chinese cuisine systems and different schools of cooking, uses raw materials of delicacies from land and sea and fresh fruits and vegetables, adopts steaming, boiling, frying, baking, toasting to make into various dumplings of different taste, such as salty, sweet, searing, peppery, tart, etc. Each dumpling has its own shape and taste. The dumpling feast integrates delicious food with art enjoying. There are scores of feasts and hundreds of kinds of dumplings, which has been honored "eternal local delicacies", "a unique skill of China", "famous feast of Shaanxi". Meanwhile, the dumpling restaurant is also a specialized modern Shanghai food restaurant. The modern Shanghai food they introduced in has absorbed the essence of inland and coastland dishes, which may be a perfect combination of typical prime dishes and dumpling feast. De Fa Chang Hotel is a comprehensive service hotel integrating accommodation, dining and drinking, entertainment all together. There are 75 standard rooms, 5 single rooms, 8 suites, 3 deluxe suites, and multifunctional hall, dance hall, teahouse, beauty and massage salon. The current price of the hotel is: ordinary single room, 280 yuan/day; ordinary double room, 280 yuan/day; ordinary three-person room, 390 yuan/day; standard single room, 330 yuan/day; standard double room, 330 yuan/day; standard three-person room, 450 yuan/day; deluxe suite, 680 yuan/day. The dining hall serves modern Shanghai food, dumpling series, snacks of Shaanxi and all kinds of packaged meals.
    Address : Ping' an Market, Xi'an
    Grade : State Superfine
    Tel. : 029-7274334, 7271554, 7276021 , Fax : 029-7218683 , Postcode : 710004

  • Xi'an Restaurant
    Brief Introduction : Xi'an Restaurant was set up in 1929, and is well known for its authentic Shaanxi dishes. It has already received many Party and State leaders and patriotic generals such as Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng, etc. It was enlarged in scale in the 1970's under the amiable concern of premier Zhou. The famous litterateur Guo Moruo was invited to inscribe the name of the restaurant. Xi'an Restaurant lies in the flourishing central area of Xi'an, with an operating area of 14,000 square meters, integrating accommodation, entertainment, shopping, business and traveling together. The restaurant is equipped with automatic elevator, central air-conditioner, program-controlled telephone, television monitoring facility and automatic alarming system. There are 30 dining rooms of different sizes, over 600 kinds of authentic typical local dishes of Shaanxi and over 200 kinds of local snacks. The restaurant has also developed and delivered 7 big feasts including "Snack Feast of Typical Shaanxi Local Dishes, Beifu Snack Feast" etc. There are also 260 deluxe suites and standard rooms in this restaurant. The price for ordinary standard room is 154 yuan/day; price for deluxe standard room is divided into three grades: 165 yuan/day, 198 yuan/day, 264 yuan/day; and the expense for deluxe suite is 880 yuan/day, 660 yuan/day, 550 yuan/day, also three grades. Xi'an Restaurant is 3 kilometers from the railway station, 50 kilometers away from the Xianyang International Airport, so the transportation is convenient and it's an ideal place for your accommodation and dining.
    Address : No.298, Dong Da Street, Xi'an
    Grade : State Superfine
    Tel. : 029-7216262,7216292 , Fax : 029-7272127 , Postcode : 710001

  • Xi'an Chang'an Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant
    Brief Introduction : Chang'an Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant takes Beijing Ming Stove roast duck and duck dishes as the dominant product, with seafood, Shandong, Sichuan, Huaiyang dish system and snacks of Shaanxi as supplement and it also sell cigarettes, alcohol and drinks concurrently. Their roast duck is very flavorful and delicious, with a very high nutritive value.
    Address : Jia No.1, northern end of Wenyi North Road, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-7892522,7804541,7887076 , Postcode : 710054

  • Xi'an Hua Zheng Food Dining and Drinking Co. Ltd.
    Brief Introduction : Xi'an Hua Zheng Food Dining and Drinking Co. Ltd. is a chain international joint venture, it's the first Japanese barbecue cafeteria in the northwest area of China. Its operation area is 1400 square meters.
    The dining environment of Hua Zheng Restaurant is elegant, comfortable and pleasant. There are private rooms and dining hall with dispersed seats, 400 people could have dinner in this restaurant all together. There are complete sets of imported electromagnetic stove and approximately over 130 kind of Japanese food, the expense for each consumer is only 38 yuan. The restaurant provides Japanese self-service barbecue as well as Chinese self-service instant-boiled meat and vegetables. It's an ideal place for enlivening atmosphere, associating with friends or meeting guests, discussing business, celebrating birthday or wedding, and meals for meetings. Xi'an Hua Zheng will serve you with the cheapest price, the highest quality and the most delicious food.
    Address : No.6, Fenxiang, South Street, Xi'an
    Tel. : 029-7251146,7251147 , Fax : 029-7251148 , Postcode : 710001

  • An Bei Japanese Restaurant
    Brief Introduction : Nippon Dishes Anbei Restaurant has been on business in Xi'an for more than 10 years. It's deeply welcomed by Chinese and Foreign visitors. And it's also welcomed by Xi'an people of various trades.
    You can enjoy Japanese sentiment here. Japanese food and dishes of unique flavor and various types are served here. You can come to halls of Japanese style and with elegant decoration by yourself. Misses in kimonos will serve you warmheartedly. This restaurant has become a bright star of food and drinks on the well-off south avenue.
    Address : No.62 South Avenue Xi'an
    Telephone : 029-7215263,7285625 , Fax : 029-7431423 , Postcode : 710001
    General Manager : Xingzi

  • Xi'an Huili Food and Drinks Co. Ltd.
    Brief Introduction : Huili is one restaurant of Japanese dishes where you can taste Japanese flavor, enjoy Japanese service and atmosphere. It mainly serves the major five dish systems. There are more than 50 types of dishes such as raw, toasted, fried, braised, steamed and etc. Among all these dishes, the most special and representative are sashimi, toasted snow fishes, toasted sea eels, Tianruluo prawns, pork blocks, wind toast meat, Wudong Noodle, beef hot pot and etc. With business coverage of 200 square meters or so, the restaurant has an elegant environment of unique style. In it, there are bamboo walls and stone paths. So you can enjoy rich foreign atmosphere here. The staff of the restaurant are welcoming and seeing off every guest with services of high quality and low price. We honour to your presence with Japanese dishes of pure flavor. It's a good place for friend appointments, family gatherings and commercial trade negotiations.
    Address : 2nd Floor, No.18, South New Street
    Telephone : 029-7255282 , Fax : 029-7255283 , Postcode : 710004

  • Shaanxi Song and Dance Show place
    Brief Introduction : Shaanxi Song and Dance Showplace is invested and built jointly by the province government and itself. It's a cultural place of arts, food and drinks. Food, drinks and culture are integrated here. And it's located at No.5 on the Wenyi road of Xi'an, the ancient city. It's reasonably designed, uniquely sculpted, elegantly and luxuriously decorated. There is the countrywide first class stage equipped with internationally advanced sound and lighting equipment. The audience hall can hold 500 people at one time. They can enjoy the song and dance imitating the style of the Tang Dynasty. And it also has the team boxes that can hold 160,40,20, and 20 people for dinner. There is a large-scale parking lot outside the showplace.

    1, Facility and Equipment : The big showplace is constructed finely. There is cargo ladder in it, and there are telephone exchange and 12 direct dial telephones at the bar stage and other places. Women's room and men's room is separately designed. In it, high-class bathroom equipments are equipped accordingly. And the washing basin, hand drier and sanitary consumers are of the first class.

    Its business coverage is more than 3800 square meters. It's divided into two floors, up and down, and it can provide more than 800 seats at one time. Many boxes are of different styles and elegant decoration. And the ground of it is paved with high-level carpet or marble. It's equipped with air conditioner that can both be cold and warm. The turn plate on the round table can make the customers enjoy the delicious dishes served by the showplace from different directions. The finely made cloth table top, napkins and various kind of refined dishware and wine ware are qualified to undertake high level parties.

    2, Technical Strength : Super cooks are retained at the showplace, and they're at the first line of cooking. 12% of all the cooks in charge of cooking are over super 2nd class, and 22% are over super 3rd class. 20% of the bakers are over super 2nd class. The first class headwaiters are responsible for daily services, and are in charge of instructing the waiters in term of work. All waiters have been trained for over 3 months, and are able to receive and serve customers in foreign languages.

    3, Quality of Dishes : Dishes in clued dinner archaizing that of the Tang Dynasty, dumpling feast, Shaanxi flavors and buffet dinner. In addition, it's able to serve tens of famous fine dishes at any time. It has definite standards of quality and materials, and strictly holds the gross profit. So dishes are of correct materials, and their qualities qualify the prices. The dishes are of fine color, fragrance, taste and form, and it's granted as qualified to the nourishment and health standard by the health department.

    4, Service Quality : There are perfect service system and procedures in the showplace. 2 orderly managers at the front stage of the hall are responsible to deal with what customers asked at any time. There are special boys welcoming and seeing off customers. Waiters in novel uniforms have elegant manners, and they are polite and enlightened. And they speak Putonghua, as well as foreign languages. At least one server is prepared for each table, who can serve skillfully and knows all our styles and characteristics.

    5, Price Management : Professional price controllers are prepared for food, drinks and beverages. Definite price management system has been made. Accounting and dish material standards are also set down. All food and raw materials are priced definitely.

    6, Security and Health : Communication facilities are equipped such as direct dial telephones, and there are lighting, water, electricity and fire facilities. As for environmental sanitation, we strictly carry on "Food and Health Law of People's Republic of China" and sanitation "Five Four" system. On each floor, fully automatic smoke sense alarming and fire monitor systems are prepared, so its fire facilities are perfect. We have sanitation license, and we have strict regulations, operation procedures, working standard, encouragement and punishment evaluation methods about security management and security operation.
    Address : No.5 Wenyi North Road Xi'an City
    Telephone : 029-7853304/7853295/029-7853293 , Fax : 029-7853299 , Postcode : 710054

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