According to legends and the antiques unearthed, 4,000-5,000 years ago up to the Neolithic Age, there had been inhabitants living and multiplying on the land of Zhuhai. In the year of 757 (the second year of the reign of Zhide in Tang Dynasty), under the jurisdiction of Dongguan, Xiangshan Town was established. In 1152 (the 22 nd year of the reign of Shaoxing in song Dynasty), the four coastal counties: Nanhai, Panyu, Xinhui and Dongguan were incorporated into Xiangshan County. Later in 1953, Wanshan Islands, Sanzao Island and Dong'an Islands of Zhongshan and Bao'an County (present Shenzhen) were put under the administration of Xiangshan County, changing the name into Zhuhai simultaneously. In 1979, the name Zhuhai City was instead of Zhuhai County. In 1980, Zhuhai Special Economic Zone was founded

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Facing the South China Sea, Zhuhai is situated west to the Pearl River estuary of Guangdong Province. In the east, it faces Shenzhen and Hong Kong across the sea. In the south, it is adjacent to Macao, and its streets and buildings link up with those in Macao. In the north, it is 140 kilometers from Guangzhou. The total area including land and sea covers 7,649 square kilometers, while the vast sea occupies 6,000 square kilometers. With hills behind and the sea in front, Zhuhai has a varied landform, including mountains, plains, lakes and sea. Along the 731 kilometers coastline, the 146 islands in South China Sea has a total area of 236.9 square kilometers. Zhuhai is praised the title of "city of Hundred Islands".

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Zhuhai has a subtropical climate with a yearly average temperature of about 22.4℃. In the coldest month of January, the average temperature is 14.6℃, while in the hottest month of July, the average temperature is 24.6℃. In Zhuhai, it is long in summer and short in winter. In some years, there is even no winter. The climate here is beneficial to tourists visiting Zhuhai in all the four seasons.

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Natural Ecological Environment

Like a bright pearl on the shore of South china Sea, Zhuhai is one of the four special economic zones earliest open to the outside world and is the focus of world attention for its new-emerging garden-style city. In 1991, Zhuhai was awarded "Zhuhai Tourist City" by the National Tourism Administration and became one of the "40 Top Tourist Attractions and Wonder lands in China", and was also awarded at the same time "The Green Garden City of China", "The Model City of Environmental Protection of China" and "The Model City of Environmental Sanitation in China". In 1998, Zhuhai was awarded "The Best Action of International Living Environmental Improvement" by the United Nations. In January 1999, "The Unique Tourist City" was awarded to Zhuhai. Located at the estuary of the Pearl River, facing Hong Kong across the sea and adjacent to Macao, with 146 is lands dotted along the coastline, Zhuhai is really a "City of Hundred Islands". Zhuhai has a temperate climate. It is almost spring all the four seasons. With green mountains, clear water and fresh air, Zhuhai has the characteristics of a seashore garden-style city but full of modem flavor.

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Remarkable achievements have been made during the past twenty years in the Zhuhai SEZ (Special Economic Zone). At the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, the government worked out the reform and the open policy which brought forth a developing opportunity with historic significance for Zhuhai. In August of 1980, the Zhuhai SEZ was set up, which brought great change to Zhuhai. During the past twenty years, the Zhuhai SEZ followed Deng Xiaoping's socialism theory of building China with its own characteristics. Under the wise leadership of the Central Party Committee, the State Council, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Guangdong Government, the Zhuhai people worked perseveringly and make a pioneering advancement and concerted efforts. A modem garden-style seaside city and SEZ began to take its shape. Twenty years is just a flash in the long history. However, for Zhuhai, it's an earthshaking period when remarkable achievements were made.

1. With economic construction as center, comprehensive social developments have been promoted.
2. The national economy has developed rapidly, and the economic power has been stren gthened greatly.
In 1979, when the city was first set up, the GDP of Zhuhai<for current price>was only 210 million RMB, while in 1998, it was estimated to be 26.5 billion RMB, With an 65 times increase. That means an increase on average 24.6% a year, in the same period, the primary industry increase by 5.3 times, on average 9.1% a year; the secondary, 14 times, 29.9% a year; the tertiary, 109 times, 28% a year. The proportion of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries was adjusted to 5.1:52.6:42.3 in 1998 from the year 1997's 38.5:30.6:30.9. The secondary and tertiary industries are playing a more and more important role in the development of the national economy. The structure of industries has tended to be more reasonable step by step. The course of industrialization has made of breakthrough progress. In 1998, GDP per capita reached 23,000 RMB (about 2,778 U.S. dollars) with a 38 times increase, compared with that of 1979.

The gap between income and expenditure for the general budget of the local finance was 780 million RMB. 42.7 billion RMB was invested in capital construction, and 1.8 billion RMB in transformation and innovation. The new addition of accumulative fixed assets amounted to 33.5 billion RMB.

2. Public undertaking has developed vigorously and people's life has improved continuously. Since the adoption of the reform and the opening up policy, Zhuhai has been exercising the policy of "developing both economy and culture, and developing both vigorously", carrying out bold reforms and making great investment in science, technology, education, culture, hygiene and sports. In the past twenty years, Zhuhai has spent several billions on these undertakings, which account to 28.8% of the local financial expenditure of the same period. As a result, the public enterprises have developed vigorously. Zhuhai has adopted the strategy of "prospering the city by science and education". In 1992, it became the first in China to set up bonus funds for science and technology, awarding scientific and technological personnel and 30 projects, among which 16 won special prizes. This created quite a stir and produced positive influences. The crew of science and technology were expanded, and its level greatly improved.

Zhuhai has carried out 98 "Torch" projects, including 47 national ones and 51 provincial ones, producing 7 billion yuan RMB gross production value. It has implemented 44 "Sparkle" projects with a gross production value of 3.7 billion yuan RMB. High-tech industry has gradually become the leading industry of local economy. In 1997, the contribution of science and technology amounts to 42% of the local economy increase. It has also deepened the education reform, and, as a result, the education conditions and teaching faculties have been continually improved, and the quality of education developed.

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Zhuhai is a glorious model of the practice of establishing a special zone of economy and it is now showing her elegant demeanor with her success, which has attracted attentions from all over the world. The civilization project of Zhuhai Special Zone of Economy has been winged to fly by the Reform and Open Policy and the development of socialist market economy. The composition of art works is active and fruitful. The artists experienced a lot in the life of common people. Composing many plays like "the Dyke", "Red Light", "Green Light", "Lin Fang Hot Line", Guangdong opera like "Lingding Ocean", music play like "the Legend of the Hero of Si Mao" and many other works are greatly welcomed and loved by people. And they have attended Shanghai International Art Festival, the 7th Guangdong Provincial Art show and the Report-back Performance in Beijing at the invitations. Because of its active and flourishing development in art composing, the Zhuhai City has been entitled the Art Composing Base of Guangdong Province by the provincial government.

In order to satisfy the common people's demand for spiritual art, Zhuhai has held the Art Festival for 3 times, Sound of Seaside Concert for 17 times, Children's Artistic Flower Exhibition for 12 times and "Zhuhai Lantern Show "for 5 times, which are very popular among local people. The art market grows quickly and actively. According to statistics by the end of 1998, there are 304 singing-dancing entertainment places, 20 show managing places, 7 professional performance teams, 33 cinemas, 100 musical visual product shops, 23 video renting places, 149 video showing places, 224 video game shops and 94 exhibition places.  The city has formed a widespread art and entertainment consumption network system, which has many levels and types of service. The continuous development and growth of the art market not only supply for the cultural need of people of different levels, but also produce profit and tax for the country. This industry has become a sole one in the third industry of the city.

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A Survey of Tourist Industry

Facing Hong Kong across the sea, and adjacent to Macao, Zhuhai is located in the rich and developed Pearl River Delta. With hills behind and the sea in front, the charming and colorful scenery makes Zhuhai possible to develop its tourist industry, which has become the mainstay of Zhuhai's national economy.   By the end of 1998, Zhuhai had set up more than 320 hotels and restaurants with the capacity of receiving 9,000,000 tourists per year. Among them, there are 22 star-rated hotels and 16 designated tourist restaurants. There are more than a dozen conference centers and exhibition halls equipped with modem facilities in Zhuhai. Various kinds of international conferences and commodities fairs are held all year round. There are 34 travel agencies including 13 international travel agencies and more than 20 large scenic spots in Zhuhai. Besides, Zhuhai has 13 designated shops, 13 designated restaurants for tourists. The total capital for tourist industry is over one hundred million yuan. Staff engaged in tourism is 25,000, which is 8.8% of the staff employed in the whole city.

In 1998, 7,139,200 people came to visit Zhuhai, among them, 1,361,400 from abroad. The total in come of tourist industry reaches 60,44 million yuan. Foreign exchange revenue is 3.32 million U.S. dollars. The picturesque scenic spots and tourist items are attractive, rich and varied.

  • Large historic cultural scenery such as the New Yuanming Palace, the Four Famous Buddhist Mountains Scenic Area, Zhenzhu (Pearl) Playground, Jinzhoucheng City, Zhuhai Fishing Girl, Zhuxian Cave, Golden Beach, Baitenghu Lake, Scenery of Waters and Rivers, the Sightseeing Cable Way and Sliding Way in Shijingshan Mountain will certainly leave happy memories in your mind. The Aquarium and the Ocean Park are under construction.

  • The International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held every two years attracts dozens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad. Nearly one million audiences, 480 enterprises from 25 countries and regions came to the 2nd International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in 1988.

  • The International Car Race held once a year in Zhuhai is also applauded by broad car race fans.

  • The Zhuhai Film Festival held every two years has become a magnificent meet of the Chinese films in the world. The convenient dimensional communication network shortens the distance between Zhuhai and other domestic cities.

Zhuhai Airport, with advanced world level, has opened 30 flights to more than 30 domestic cities. The project of the gigantic bridge over the sea Lingdingyang has been approved by the State. Guangzhou to Zhuhai railway is under construction. Two twenty-thousand-ton wharves of Zhuhai Port have been put into operation. Telecommunications and its services have caught up with the international world. Telephones and public telecommunication facilities are popular in Zhuhai. It is very convenient to communicate with external world. Zhuhai, with the rapid development in tourist industry, is well known both at home and abroad.

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City Flower and City Tree

The city flower of Zhuhai is LeduJuan (Le Azalea), a kind of bushes planted on roads, green grounds mountains and in parks, guesthouses and gardens. It is easy to cultivate and can be cut in various shapes. Its colorful flowers are in full blossom all the year round, symbolizing the prosperous development of Zhuhai. Well planted in Zhuhai, the city tree-Chinese Red-buds is a kind of evergreen arbor with red flowers and oval leaves. Its splendid and beautiful flowers blossom from November to February next year. The Chinese Red-buds, planted along roads, in gardens, are the favorites of Zhuhai people.

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City Symbol

In the Xianlu Bay, there is a huge sculpture named "Zhuhai fishing Girl" towering aloft on a giant jade-like rock among the blue and white waves. Made of 70 pieces of granite, the sculpture, a masterpiece of the famous sculptor Pan He, is 8.7 meters in height and 10 tons in weight. Now it is the symbol of Zhuhai.

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Tourist Logo

Built along the seashore, the Qinglv (lovers) Road is the tourist logo of Zhuhai. With green grass and beautiful flowers on both sides, Qinglv Road, regarded as a tourist logo like a flying colorful ribbon, has become charming and picturesque scenery in Xiangzhou, Zhuhai. The South Qinglv Road, starting from gongbei Customs and ending at Jiuzhou Port, was built in 1997. as sunset, standing on Qinglv Road and gazing at the sea in distance, you will feel relaxed and happy. If you look far into the distance to the end of the road, Gongbei is adjacent to Macao. You will see the brilliant and splendid Macao with high buildings and large mansions, especially the wo gigantic bridges, like rainbows spanning the sea, look the most magnificent

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  Information provided by China National Tourism Administration.

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