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Hong Kong is Asia's premier travel destination, a regional business hub and mainland China's window on the world. Hong Kong offers the highest levels of professionalism and expertise that ensure the success of your event. Hong Kong, as the world's top convention and exhibition city, will continue to focus on the need to remain competitive in terms of the standards of the facilities and services we offer our visitors.

Unique Activities and Theme Parties
For an incentive winner or convention traveller, Hong Kong is heaven. The colourful metropolis is a reward in itself; a treasure trove of exotic sights, sounds and tastes. Motivate spirit with team-building exercises, explore the great outdoors or the Chinese way of keeping fit; hire a fantasy or an exclusive venue for a creative party and offer your participants unique entertainment. We have a wealth of ideas and the choice is yours. There's no city like it in the world. A trip to Hong Kong is, for many, the supreme travel experience. The opportunity to experience life to the full or the ultimate reward.


Team Building Exercises

The soul of success is teamwork, and the sights, sounds, and thrills of Hong Kong are the ideal setting for some of the most imaginative and effective hands-on team-building programmes on offer anywhere in the world. Choose one or several. While your achievers are being stimulated and energised by a wealth of cultural, natural and sporting attractions, they'll also be learning new ways to pull together as a team. And your incentive winners will return to work with a lot more than just pleasant memories. They'll bring new abilities and insights that will raise performance levels to new heights.


Build a Dream Team! - Speed Hong Kong Style: Dragon Boat Racing
Drums pound. Oars rip through the water. A well-trained crew works at fever pitch. The goal: bring a dragon boat across the finish line first. Dragon Boat Racing has its roots in Chinese mythology, but it's a fast-paced, exciting international sport. Each race lasts a few minutes, so split seconds matter and teamwork is everything. Your achievers will practise rowing in a team, and then take off as arms and oars vanish in a blur of speed. The power of teamwork at its best.

Build a Dream Team! - The Perfect Match
Marriage is universal. But the Chinese do it their way, bestowing it with fascinating rituals which were formalised 2,000 years ago. Competing teams will go through the entire marriage ritual, working to a deadline arranging a ceremony in an unfamiliar city, while learning the customs of a new culture - a tremendous teamwork builder for your group. After a lucky couple is selected by a matchmaker, an auspicious date is chosen using the Chinese almanac at Hong Kong's most popular temple. Then begins a welter of preparations: selecting costumes, food, jewellery, and arranging a banquet. On the big day participants hold a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony which resonates with ancestor worship, still a mainstay of local culture. Afterwards, comes a lively and joyous feast. The players will have proved themselves as a team and will have gained fascinating insights into an important rite of passage in Chinese culture.

Build a Dream Team! - Portrait of a City in Motion
People are the key to Hong Kong's success. They drive this amazing non-stop commercial engine. But who are they? What makes Hong Kong people tick? Your achievers will find out, becoming photojournalists in the process. The tools: a camera, a roll of film and a map. Your winners will divide into teams and explore a district on foot or on public transport, taking pictures that tell the real story of Hong Kong's people. At a gala dinner, awards are presented for Best Photo and Best Story. More importantly, your achievers will have worked together to gain new insights and communicate them - skills which they can apply daily in their working lives.

Build a Dream Team! - Dances with Lions
Lion Dancing has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. A fascinating spectacle of costume, colour, music and movement, the Lion Dance is seen as an important ritual which is essential for an auspicious start to any venture. It exorcises evil spirits and brings good luck to all spectators. It also takes agility, co-ordination and stamina - great team builders. Incentive winners, divided into two teams, assume the various roles: the two halves of the lion, the "Happy Buddha" who leads the dance, and the orchestra. There follows a short, intensive period of instruction, after which team members design and paint the traditional banners for their lions. The two teams compete on a variety of levels, learning new moves, skills, and testing their powers of teamwork to the limit.

Build a Dream Team! - The Sound and Spectacle of Cantonese Opera
All the world is a stage, and here's where your team can star in a mind-boggling feast of costume, colour and exotic music. Cantonese opera, an exciting Chinese theatrical art, can help bring your achievers together in a spirit of fun and fellowship. First, they learn the ropes from professional actors, make-up artists and musicians. Then your top achievers will tread the boards themselves in a unique production of a classic play, Breaking the Red Lantern. Once they have crossed cultures and seen new possibilities in themselves, your team will be ready to tackle any goal.

Build a Dream Team! - Treasure Hunt
Many of Hong Kong's treasures are waiting to be discovered by the adventurous. Your incentive winners can go on a "Treasure Hunt" that allows them to explore the city's back streets and get a real taste of local life, in search of a prize that you determine. You may give your hunt a theme, such as fung shui and architecture, or Chinese culinary culture, to give your winners an insight into local lifestyles. In an effort to find the treasure, your achievers might visit historical buildings or monuments, or explore the city's bird, fish and flower markets, where they'll learn the significance of plants and animals in Chinese life. Apart from the prize, your team will come away from the hunt having found the essence of Hong Kong, as expressed in its architecture, its streets, its most cherished landmarks.

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Explore the Great Outdoors

Lush green pine forests. Rugged mountains. Secluded beaches. Colourful islands. Astounding as it may seem, 40% of Hong Kong's land is not urban glitter but rural splendour and protected in 23 beautiful country parks. Your achievers can enjoy a well-deserved break in an unspoilt subtropical wonderland of exotic flowers and trees, rare butterflies and playful dolphins. After communing with Mother Nature, your incentive winners will return to work with renewed spirit and a better appreciation of our natural wonders.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Dolphinwatch
Hong Kong's scenic Western Harbour is home to one of nature's true rarities - the exquisite and fascinating Chinese White Dolphin or Pink Dolphin. Around 100 of these playful but endangered creatures can still be found in the gentle waters off Lantau, a green, rugged mountainous island. The Dolphinwatch programme lets your top achievers experience the thrill of witnessing these magnificent dolphins swimming freely in their natural habitat - an unforgettable encounter with nature. As an added bonus, the programme will raise awareness of the plight of the pink dolphin.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Mai Po Wetlands and Bird Watching
Hong Kong, home to many of Asia's movers and shakers, is also home to a wide variety of native birds. At least 430 species of birds and 50 species of butterflies have been recorded in Mai Po Wetlands in northern Hong Kong. Mai Po Nature Reserve, managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature, is a protected habitat for these species, as well as a home to shrimp ponds and dwarf mangrove. Your achievers will never forget the privilege of seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. The programme affords true insights into these lovely gifts of nature.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Tree Planting
The challenge: Leave Hong Kong a greener, better place than when you came. The solution: Plant or tend a tree. The Hong Kong Government has launched the Green Tourism Tree Planting project to preserve Hong Kong's natural landscape. Your group can take part. After a guided tour of a country park, your winners will plant a seedling or tend a tree in the park, not only commemorating a special occasion, but making a contribution to the earth that will reap benefits for all time. To the Chinese, planting trees brings good fortune to the family and descendants.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Visit to an Organic Farm
Green awareness is vital to our future. Your incentive winners can deepen their knowledge as they reap the rewards of their hard work. Throughout the New Territories are organic farms where Chinese vegetables such as pak choi and choi sum are grown. Many of these farms are operated by environmental groups. Your achievers can tour a farm and learn how it is possible to grow delicious food without harmful chemicals. They can also visit a duck farm, view the operation and even feed ducks themselves. For city dwellers, the tour is an enjoyable and broadening experience.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Hiking Trails and Country Parks
They talk the talk, but can your winners walk the walk? Despite its well-known image as a high-tech city, Hong Kong has 23 country parks, comprising scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and coastlines all over Hong Kong and the outlying islands. The parks' lush lowlands, bamboo and pine forests, and rugged mountains are home to animals such as barking deer, macaque monkeys, squirrels, birds, and butterflies. They are wonderful places in which to enjoy a day's hike. Footpaths provide easy access to hills and woodlands. Serious hikers will want to try at least part of the challenging 100km MacLehose Trail, that winds through the highlands of the New Territories. A country hike or a park visit adds a healthy, invigorating, natural dimension to an incentive trip.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Golfer's Day Out
A reward worth working for: A luxurious day golfing at one of Hong Kong's exclusive country clubs. Your winners can work on their handicap in the plush scenic surroundings of one of three venues: Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, which features a magnificent 18-hole golf course that stretches to the ocean; The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, on Kau Sai Chau Island, in the middle of Sai Kung's scenic Inner Port Shelter; and Hong Kong Golf Club, with its three 18-hole courses on 400 acres of lush parkland. These fully-equipped facilities will provide everything your winners need for a day of well-earned recreation and relaxation.

Head for the Great Outdoors! - Come Horseracing
The crowd roars as the hooves pound past the line! Nothing gets Hong Kong people's hearts beating like horseracing, which draws crowds of 40,000 each week at the city's two racecourses. Your incentive winners will experience the fever-pitch atmosphere of Hong Kong races in style. They will be transported to Happy Valley Racecourse or Sha Tin Racecourse where they will enjoy a meal in the Members' enclosure. Afterwards, materials will be provided to help them pick a winner. Then bets are placed, the bell rings, and the excitement begins…

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Chinese way of keeping fit

Health. Energy. Longevity. Mysteries which the Chinese have been unraveling for centuries. As an East-West crossroads, Hong Kong is the perfect place for your achievers to learn how Chinese people battle stress and fatigue - valuable skills in today's workplace. In a variety of fascinating programmes, your incentive winners will learn how the ancient techniques of herbal medicine, tai chi (shadow boxing), acupressure and reflexology can help them look great and feel fabulous. They'll benefit from added energy. And so will your company.

Taking Life Slowly with Ancient Tai Chi
Every morning at sunrise, thousands of Hong Kong people head for the tranquil parks, beaches and rolling hills to practise the ancient art of tai chi, or Chinese shadow boxing. Your achievers will join in this fascinating slow-motion ballet, learning selected movements by following a master. As well as a little gentle exercise, this rewarding programme offers your winners practical insights into one of China's most enigmatic and enduring customs. And after they've worked up an appetite, they'll head for the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware and a Chinese restaurant for a cup of tea and delicious dim sum.

Profession  Tai Chi Master
Contact  Mr Lung Kai Ming
Tel. No  (852) 2384 6245
Fax. No

 (852) 23846217

Organisation  Tai Chi Assocation
Tel. No  (852) 2384 6245
Fax. No  (852) 2384 6217
Web site

Organisation  South China Athetic Assocation
Tel. No  (852) 2577 6932
Fax. No  (852) 2890 9304
Web site
Profession  Tai Chi Master
Contact  Mr Raymond Chiu
Tel. No  (852) 9427 0851
Fax. No

 (852) 2384 6217

Contact :  William Ng & Pandora Wu
Tel. No  (852) 9551 6928/ 9415 5678
Fax. No  (852) 2635 4728
Web site  http://home.hkiworld/taichi



Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - Qigong: Eternal Force of Life
Qi is the life force. It flows through everything, say the Chinese. And you can control it. Qigong is an ancient form of exercise allowing one to direct the flow of the life force, restoring health and improving fitness. Your winners will learn from a master the basics of channelling qi, doing breathing exercises that cleanse the body and improve circulation of blood and qi. Qigong is a relaxing, invigorating discipline that will give your achievers a new way of using their energy resources.

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - The Art of Tai Chi Swordsmanship
Balance. Focus. Strength. Qualities needed by both ancient warriors and modern business people. The martial art of kung fu is famous worldwide, thanks to Hong Kong son Bruce Lee, but few Westerners are aware of the more peaceful art of tai chi swordplay. Used in ancient times to improve mental reactions and health, tai chi swordplay involves slow movements performed while holding a metre-long wooden sword. The goal is to achieve a supreme level of balance, and to harness and focus one's energies. First, a master teaches your top achievers the basic movements. Then, 10-person competitive teams, or "battle units", are formed to compete and display their new-found swordsmanship. A fitting reward for your best warriors!

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - Harvesting the Secrets of Health
For millennia the Chinese have studied the curative qualities of plants, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation. Traditional Chinese medicine shops offer herbs in the hundreds, for almost every imaginable medical condition. These cures speak volumes about the Chinese philosophy of food and health. Your winners will follow an experienced herbalist to tiny Cheung Chau Island, to find and pick a variety of fresh herbs. A Chinese herbalist will demonstrate how to brew the collected herbs into tea, after which your winners can taste the teas and gain some health benefits in addition to their insights into age-old medical practices.

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - The Gentle Art of Foot Massage
Do you appreciate your feet? Traditional Chinese medicine regards them as the most important part of our body. They contain areas that reflect all our major organs. Apply pressure to the right parts and you can diagnose and help prevent diseases. Participants in this fascinating programme will be briefed on Chinese foot massage and will view a demonstration. They will then undergo a treatment themselves. Your winners will be surprised how wonderful they feel afterwards. Relaxed and invigorated, they'll never look at their feet the same way again!

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - Acupoint Massage : Vital and to the Point
Where did acupuncture come from? Did someone notice that soldiers wounded by arrows recovered from ailments in other parts of their bodies? Did semi-divine sages first map the body's meridians? Whatever its origins in legend, centuries of trial and error have evolved into a refined and detailed clinical methodology. The Chinese believe that adding pressure to certain points on the body can enhance the circulation of qi and blood. In Hong Kong, acupoint massage is often used as a remedy for many kinds of pain. Your winners have a chance to partake of an ancient cure to enhance their well-being in the modern world.

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - A Storehouse of Medicinal Treasures
Yin and Yang. Negative and Positive. Masculine and Feminine. All of life involves the balancing of opposing forces, according to the Chinese. When the balance is disturbed in our bodies, our health suffers. To correct the balance, a herbalist will often prescribe a variety of roots, barks, twigs, seeds, flowers and other natural substances. This programme provides a fascinating insight into Chinese medicine, which has been used with success for millennia. A knowledgeable guide will take your winners to a Chinese medicine shop to explore the means of diagnosis and treatment. They will also visit the Nam Pak Hong (literally the South-North Trading Centre), well known in the city's wholesale ginseng and medicinal herb trade.

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - The Chinese Art of Healthy Eating
Dine on a snake, and live to tell the tale! For Chinese, eating and health can never be separated. They eat to keep healthy and live long. In winter, people add exotic ingredients (snakes, bird's nests, etc) to dishes to keep warm and preserve energy. Every food item, from bamboo shoots to bananas to ginger, has its own properties of "heating" or "cooling" which help balance the body's natural forces. Your achievers will have a chance to visit a specialty tonic restaurant where a variety of health dishes are served. The adventurous ones can sample snake soup, sea cucumber or blackleg chicken.

Feel Fabulous the Chinese Way! - Tea: The Preferred Drink of One Billion People
The art of tea drinking is quintessentially Chinese. Tea is drunk for health, and is poured as an offering to friends. It accompanies an everyday dim sum breakfast and is given to the bride before marriage. The best way for your winners to learn about the many facets of this Chinese practice is to visit specialty tea shops, where they can learn the technique of tea brewing and sample choice potions.

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Hire a fantasy

Set sail on a Chinese junk in Hong Kong harbour. Command an antique tram and weave through Hong Kong's winding streets. Some of the city's most endearing attractions are available for charter, as a setting for an party for your incentive winners. These unusual trips are the stuff of fantasies, and of happy memories. Celebrate the uniqueness of your top achievers with one-of-a-kind adventures that exude the atmosphere and uniqueness of Hong Kong.

Hire a Fantasy! - Antique Tram Tour
One of the most charming ways to experience a touch of old Hong Kong is on an antique tram. The old-fashioned double-decker conveyance, complete with front and rear balconies and brass trimmings, departs from Western District and moves through the heart of the city. Your top achievers will sip their drinks and listen to music as they trundle gently through the hustle and bustle of the city around them, taking in the glorious sights at a leisurely pace. A truly memorable and one-of-a-kind experience.

Hire a Fantasy! - Chinese Junk Voyage
An enduring symbol of Hong Kong, the Chinese junk is a picturesque boat, with its distinctive sails and rigging. Why not add a junk ride to your incentive trip. Your group will sail into Hong Kong's maritime past, gliding through the busy harbour and around the island to Aberdeen. A romantic journey your achievers will never forget.

Hire a Fantasy! - Commandeer the Star Ferry
It has been called the most beautiful boat trip in the world, and stunning it is. The Star Ferry plies the route between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, giving passengers a panoramic view of the impressive skylines on both sides of the harbour. Your winners will bask in sea breezes and sail past immense freighters and cruise ships, taking in the sights as only a sailor can.

Hire a Fantasy! - Breeze by in an Open-Top Bus
There's a way to tour Hong Kong and make sure your winners don't miss a thing -- a ride in an open-top double-decker bus, giving them a panoramic view of everything along the way. Your achievers can see the sights, and then be taken anywhere you like in this most friendly, lively and breezy form of transport. The photographers in your group will appreciate the views from the top deck.

Hire a Fantasy! - Tower Club Floating Luxury
Sometimes a five-star hotel is so good, you want to take it with you. That's the idea behind Tower Club, which runs luxury junks with style, elegance and facilities that rival those of the finest hotels. Your winners can cruise through Hong Kong, enjoying a sumptuous luncheon prepared by master chefs. A dinner cruise to one of the outlying islands, or a sunset cocktail party, offer yet more romantic possibilities. Treating top achievers to gourmet cuisine on a luxurious floating den of luxury is a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done.

Hire a Fantasy! - Soaring in a Helicopter
It's the ultimate view, more dramatic than the highest window or loftiest peak. Seeing Hong Kong from a helicopter is an experience never to be forgotten. Your top achievers will take off to catch a bird's eye view of the world's busiest harbour, and then tour the best sights from far overhead: the beaches, islands, the Lantau Buddha, and more. Even when your achievers finally catch their breath, they'll be speechless with wonder at this magnificent experience. A helicopter trip to Macau can also be arranged.

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Exclusive Venue

A quiet game of golf amid lush greenery. A furious game of squash, a dive into the crystal waters of a pool. The heart-pounding finish of a horse race, seen from a private box. Hong Kong's private clubs are known worldwide for their superb sporting and meeting facilities. Whether you offer your winners a chance to relax in deck chairs and be waited on while taking in ocean vistas, or give their all on the tennis court, they will know they are enjoying a standard of luxury that is only offered to a fortunate few!

Experience Exclusive Luxury! - American Club Central
The sophisticated Town Club in Central's American Club is one of the city's most prestigious venues for receptions and gatherings. It is known for excellent cuisine and a congenial atmosphere, and also for magnificent views. The 47th Floor Pacific Suite is ideal for events ranging from small parties to banquets for 250 guests.

Experience Exclusive Luxury! - American Club Tai Tam
On the southeastern shore of Hong Kong Island lies the American Club, Hong Kong Country Clubhouse, an ideal venue for formal conferences, parties, barbecues, and other private functions. The Club offers a full complement of sporting facilities. The Bay Room offers a breathtaking vista of Tai Tam Bay. A poolside oasis and terrace overlooking the South China Sea provide your guests with superb hospitality under a blue sky or a canopy of stars. The lawn is an idyllic site for outdoor parties and gatherings.

Experience Exclusive Luxury! - Gold Coast Yacht Club
Located in picturesque Castle Peak Bay, the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club is Hong Kong's largest resort, spanning 100 acres. This distinctive haven draws its inspiration from Californian and Spanish colonial architecture, creating a warm, welcoming ambience and a relaxed environment ideal for events of all kinds. Experienced staff offering a wealth of services and expertise ensures that your function will be of the highest standard.

Jockey Club Sha Tin
The Sha Tin Racecourse, with its dramatic views of the Ma On Shan mountains, is a superb venue for entertaining. On racedays, small gatherings can enjoy drinks and an international buffet while viewing the races from a private box. A full range of entertainment options are available for private functions on non-racedays. An great setting for an incentive event.

Experience Exclusive Luxury! - Kau Sai Chau Jockey Club Golf Course
Superb scenic beauty and panoramic views make the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course a delightful retreat at which to spend a day golfing. The club offers two courses -North and South- both of which offer a splendid golfing challenge. There is also a coffee shop, bar and lounge for after-game relaxation, as well as a function room that can hold events for up to 220 people.

Experience Exclusive Luxury! - Hong Kong Parkview
The Hong Kong Parkview is set in the lush, rolling hills of a country park. Just 15 minutes from Central, Hong Kong Parkview is a unique multi-dimensional complex offering complete business and resort facilities. Guests can choose from numerous meeting options and banquets for up to 200 people. Four international-standard restaurants offer superb Asian and Western food. A magnificent outdoor pool, squash and tennis courts, gymnasium, theatre and more make the Hong Kong Parkview a superior venue for meetings, banquets or social gatherings.

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Creative Party

It's More Than a Party!
Tai Pan Ball

The scene is Hong Kong in its colonial heyday. The haunting music of bagpipes signals the opening of the Tai Pan's residence, and guests are welcomed by waiters in crisp sailors' uniforms. After a lively 30-piece uniformed military brass band serenades your winners, they enjoy a magnificent six-course meal and spectacular dessert parade. For one evening, the grand splendour of Colonial Hong Kong is revived, with your top achievers at the centre of it all.

Old Shanghai
The ballroom is transformed into the famous Shanghai of old, when parties, music and mischief filled the city every night. The evening begins with cocktails and classical music, but later explodes into a frenzy of celebration as a live big band takes over and your achievers kick up their heels and dance the night away. Things get a little wild, with dance competitions, rickshaw races, but after all, this is old Shanghai, where anything goes!

Dai Pai Dong
Dai pai dongs are the traditional Chinese stalls which offer exotic food and trinkets in the backstreets of Hong Kong. They're a picturesque part of local life, that has been brought right into the ballroom. Your winners will stroll down "streets" and nibble at fresh dim sum, savour Peking Duck and noodle dishes. They'll also have a chance to witness the art of Chinese calligraphy, have their palms read, and their fortunes told by a bird. A very tasty slice of Chinese life, served up in an unforgettable evening of exotic delights.

Chinese New Year
The Lunar New Year is the great Chinese festival, a time for food and festivities. Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is a treat your incentive winners will never forget. In a ballroom bedecked with red and gold and filled with firecrackers, Chinese gods, banners and other colourful ornaments, waiters in traditional Chinese costumes serve a sumptuous banquet. Your winners will come away feeling in tune with the Chinese spirit at its most joyous.

Business as Usual
The world of Hong Kong business and industry is celebrated in this unique party, which is great fun for all. A ballroom is transformed into a dramatically realistic construction site, complete with Hong Kong-style bamboo scaffolding, "dust" from billowing clouds of dry ice, and waiters equipped with wheelbarrows and shovels. Music, splendid food and entertainment complete this one-of-a-kind evening that will enchant your top achievers as only Hong Kong can.

Hong Kong Oldies
It's the Hong Kong of "Love is a Many Splendoured Thing" - a bustling, modern, captivating, and still very Chinese city, with a lifestyle all its own. Your incentive winners can be transported back to these romantic times. Among old rickshaws, street signs and other reminders of old Hong Kong, your guests will enjoy delicious fare from old-style food stalls, including dim sum, barbecue, hot-pot, exotic fruits and more. A blast from a very unusual and colourful past.

SS Transpacific

The romance of ship travel is eternal. Your top achievers re-live New Year's Eve aboard the SS Transpacific, a magnificent cruise ship that docked in Hong Kong in 1932. Guests sip champagne amidst the sumptuous Art Deco interiors of the great cruise liner's indigo ballroom, reproduced in careful detail, right down to the SS Transpacific crystal. The lavish menu, including dessert accompanied by fireworks and dry ice, is enhanced by live band music. A never-to-be-forgotten voyage!

Tour of China

China's vastness and varied nature can be experienced very satisfyingly at the dinner table. After a Lion Dance welcome and a tour of Buddhist landmarks on Lantau Island - including the world's biggest outdoor Buddhist statue - your winners will enjoy a grand ball recalling 1960s Hong Kong, as waiters dressed in provincial costumes serve tempting cuisine from different provinces. A cultural show adds to the appeal of this immense gastronomic spectacular.

Chinese Imperial Dinner
The Grand Imperial Dinner of the Qing Dynasty, possibly the most splendid royal family in Chinese history, is a fabulous gourmet experience not to be missed by lovers of fine Chinese food. To the strains of traditional Chinese music, a sumptuous 9-course banquet of exquisite delicacies is served by waiters dressed in Qing imperial costume. Demonstrations of kung fu and Chinese fan dancing add to the exotic appeal, and the party swings on into the night with a variety of competitions and events that will make the evening a highlight for your top achievers.

Forbidden City
Your incentive winners cross the "Ice Bridge" into the Forbidden City, simulated brilliantly by a 360-degree floor-to-ceiling hand-painted mural of a Chinese imperial banquet hall. Award-winning chefs have prepared an extravagant meal of many courses, as would have been served to the ruler of the Celestia
l Kingdom. The tables are a sea of red and gold, decked out with Chinese crockery. Waiters dressed in silk cheongsams attend to your winners' wishes. A panoply of fascinating Chinese entertainment contributes to this overwhelming experience.

Take your winners to the tropics. The ballroom is a lush, colourful tropical paradise, complete with plants, flowers, and a bubbling fountain. Beneath palm trees and chiffon umbrellas, your achievers select delicious fare from menus garnished with peacock feathers. Your guests will feast on delectable South American flavours as the heady sounds of the samba and lambada serenade them.

Club Celebrite
Take your winners back to New York in the 1970s, the time of Warhol, Disco chic, zebra stripes, and clubs so exclusive that even the stars had to queue. The music throbs as your winners enter the glitz of Club Celebrite, all mirrors, silver and fluorescent fake fur. A rare and lavish menu and top-notch music and entertainment acts make this evening a spectacular sound/light/sensory extravaganza that your guests will never forget.

Casino Night
The bets are placed and the dice roll as your winners try their luck in a Las Vegas-style gambling den, complete with smartly dressed croupiers, bunny-costumed waitresses and live entertainment. Music, comedy, fine food, and cocktails are part of this five-star night of thrills for your top achievers, made even more exciting by a chance to court Lady Luck at the gambling tables.

Create Your Own Theme
What's possible for a theme party in Hong Kong? Quite simply, almost anything. A myriad of hospitality and entertainment professionals are available to custom-design a theme party that your top achievers will remember all their lives. Let your imagination run free, and rest assured that Hong Kong will provide the excitement and magic that has always made it one of the most popular incentive destinations in the world.

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Unique Entertainment

Let Us Entertain You!
Song, dance and spectacle have been part of Chinese life for millennia. And today the most enjoyable and captivating of these arts are available to charm and entertain your incentive winners. Colourful Chinese dances, exotic music, intricate crafts will astound your guests. To that one can add Western performances which tie in with Hong Kong's vibrant history. A large and varied troupe of skilled artists is waiting to add zest to your theme parties, gatherings and events.

Let Us Entertain You! - Lion Dance and Dragon Dance
For more than 2,000 years the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance, accompanied by the clash of cymbals, have been important rituals for commemorating auspicious occasions. Expert practitioners inside a colourful costume manipulate levers to give the beast mood and character. A Lion Dance, which is performed by two dancers, is a splendid event in itself, one which adds a celebratory aspect to any event. A Dragon dance takes 10 performers to make up the body of this fantastic mythical animal.

Let Us Entertain You! - Chinese Cultural Bazaar
For thousands of years Chinese artisans have perfected their crafts, passing on their skills from generation to generation. The richness of Chinese crafts makes a crafts bazaar a fascinating visit to a world of ancient beauty. You can arrange for some of Hong Kong's finest craftspeople to demonstrate the arts of portraiture, caricature, silhouette cutting, calligraphy, seal carving, even noodle making. Parties of any size will be enriched by a custom-tailored exhibition of crafts.

Let Us Entertain You! - Pomp and Circumstance
What better way to add importance to an event than the fanfare of trumpets! The bands of the Hong Kong Police Force, which include the 52-piece Silver (Military) Band and the 29-piece pipe band, as well as a dance band, are available to help your incentive event make an impression on your winners, while adding a distinctive colonial flair to the proceedings. The Military Band plays marches, light classical music and contemporary songs; the Pipe Band is a traditional Scottish bag-pipe band with pipers and drummers. They make the ideal VIP welcome for your top achievers.

Let Us Entertain You! - Clothes Encounters
Over the years Hong Kong has evolved from a textile manufacturing centre into a fashion capital in its own right. Today the city produces some of the world's most exciting clothes. The fashion-conscious among your achievers will enjoy a fashion show featuring the latest creations by some of the city's hottest designers.

Let Us Entertain You! - Ancient Soulful Sounds
With its ethereal beauty and timeless elegance, Chinese music immediately transports visitors into another world. An ensemble of Chinese musicians, playing age-old melodies on the traditional two-stringed erhu and the pear-shaped pipa, adds an authentic Eastern feel to any event, and opens the door to greater understanding between cultures.

Let Us Entertain You! - On their Toes
The charm and grace of the East meets the beauty of Western dance in a delightful ballet performance by local children. Your winners can find out first-hand how young talent is nurtured in Hong Kong. A charming performance that is sure to delight any group!

Let Us Entertain You! - Out of the Mouths of Babes
Hong Kong has superb children's choirs whose pure and cheerful voices can enliven any incentive event. An ensemble of talented young people will sing selections from their varied repertoire. A unique and charming addition to any celebration.

Let Us Entertain You! - Feats of Daring
Few shows generate the kind of excitement that your achievers will experience at a Chinese acrobatic and kung fu show. Some of the world's finest practitioners of the ancient Chinese martial arts will demonstrate feats that defy description: walking barefoot on knives, deft juggling, contortions, balancing and more. It's a truly breathtaking look at one of the most mysterious and thrilling aspects of Chinese culture.

Let Us Entertain You! - Strings and Things
East is East and West is West, and everyone agrees that there's nothing like a good band to heat up the proceedings. A variety of first-class Western-style ensembles can serenade your incentive winners -- rock bands, orchestras, and jazz bands waiting to signal the down beat and fill the room with beautiful sounds.

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Victoria Peak
High above Hong Kong Island on the 'back of the Dragon', Victoria Peak is the City of Life's premier visitor attraction, providing magnificent harbour and city views. Arriving late afternoon enables you to experience the dazzling panorama of Hong Kong Island, the harbour, Kowloon and the hills beyond. Later, you can thrill to the neon-dotted skyline by night. What's more, The Peak offers visitors a multitude of fantastic entertainment, dining and shopping options.

Peak Tram
The best way to get to the top is via the
Peak Tram, a funicular railway that carves a steep 396-metre swathe up the lush mountainside. The tram has been in operation since 1888, and once competed with sedan chairs as the most popular way up. Try to get seats at the front of the tram on the right-hand side for the journey skyward. The only way to describe the views from this vantage point is "simply breathtaking".

Peak Tower & Peak Galleria
Thrilling indoor entertainment is housed in the
Peak Tower and Peak Galleria. Attractions include a hi-tech virtual-reality ride, the Peak Explorer, as well as a showcase of weird and wonderful artefacts at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditorium. Then, rub shoulders with the famous at world-renowned Madame Tussaud's wax portraits museum. With around 100 astoundingly life-like wax figures means getting up close and personal with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been easier. And let's not forget dining. There are several mouth-watering options on the Peak, including Cafe Deco Bar & Grill and Movenpick Marche Restaurant. All impress hungry visitors with their international menus and outstanding views.

Peak Walks
The Peak is the perfect location to embark on several trails. For a spectacular circular walk that takes about one hour, turn right out of the
Peak Tower and head for Lugard Road. To climb to even greater heights, stroll up Mount Austin Road to Victoria Peak Garden, then venture down to Aberdeen or return to Central via Old Peak Road.

How to get there :
1. Take bus no. 15C at Star Ferry Pier to Garden Road (Tram Terminal) (HK$3.2; runs daily : 10am - 11:45pm). 2. Take bus no. 12S at Admiralty MTR station (West) to Garden Road (Peak Tram Station) (HK$2.5; runs daily : 10am - 12mn). 3. Take maxicab No.1 (HK$7.4) from Central (Lung Wui Road near Hong Kong City Hall) runs daily (6:30am - 12mn). 4. Take bus no.15 (HK$9.2) from Central (Exchange Square) Bus Terminus runs daily (6:15am - 12:15am).

Repulse Bay

Primarily a well-to-do residential area, sun-drenched Repulse Bay has a relaxed resort-like atmosphere. The wide, wave-lapped beach is popular with locals and visitors alike and great for sandy strolls - early morning with the waking of another day, when the sun is up and the sunbathers are out in force, or at sunset when all is at peace. As well as sun, sea and sand, there are plenty of diversions nearby. The ornate Life Guard Club is built in a traditional Chinese style, its ceiling decorated with magnificent swirling dragons. The picturesque gardens that lead down to the beach are dominated by towering twin statues of Kwun Yum and Tin Hau, both protectors of fishermen. The colonial-style, The Repulse Bay, houses designer shops and award-winning restaurants and resembles the luxury hotel that originally occupied the site. This is the ideal place for a romantic dinner under the stars. For something more down-to-earth, several open-air restaurants nearby specialise in the joys of wholesome barbecued food, including the freshest prawns, squid, fish and other seafood. All are cheery hives of activity every night of every week.

How to get there :
Take Bus no. 6, 6A, 6X, 260 from Central (Exchange Square) Bus Terminus and alight at Repulse Bay.

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Hong Kong Convention Ambassador

The Hong Kong Convention Ambassador (HKCA) programme was established in 1994. About 400 Hong Kong based prominent professional and business leaders have been invited as HKCA so far.

  • When overseas, the HKCA are committed to promoting Hong Kong as an ideal location for conventions and exhibitions to their business counterparts.

  • They are actively seeking opportunities to bid for and organise international conventions and exhibitions which could be held in Hong Kong.

  • They are always talking positively about Hong Kong and encouraging their overseas associates to visit Hong Kong.

Once a person becomes a HKCA, he is presented with a specially framed certificate and a lapel pin. The HKCA Briefcase is a specially designed, pocket-size leaflet which contains important tips for them when they promote Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is most grateful for the contribution of the HKCAs and conducts special activities, briefings and mailings to ensure the Ambassadors receive first-hand information about the latest developments and opportunities in Hong Kong.

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  Information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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