Nine-tenths of Kazakhstan is made up of steppe. For centuries, these vast plains were home only to nomads and they are still virtually empty. Most settlements are concentrated in the southeast and the east of the republic where the plains give way to the mountains of the Altai and the Tien Shan. It is advisable to visit the country as part of an organised tour. Although independent travel is increasing, bureaucratic difficulties may still be encountered. For further information, contact the Embassy (see Contact Addresses section).

Kazakhstan has a wide range of spas offering various treatments. There are 98 sanatoria holiday hotels and 115 preventative medicine sanatoria. Most are located in areas with much to interest the tourist, such as sports, cultural events, historical and archaeological sites, and offer developed excursion facilities. The most internationally renowned resorts include Sari Agach (in the south), Mujaldi (in the Pavlodar region), Arasan-Kapal (in the Taldikorgan region), Jani-Kurgan (in the Kzil-Orda region), Kokshetau and Zerenda (in the Kokshetau region) and those located in Zaili Alatau.

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Information provided by Kazakstan Tourism Board.


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