Nature Reserves

AKSU-JABAGLI : A UNESCO biosphere reserve in southern Kazakhstan, situated 1000-4000m (3280-3120ft) above sea level, and home to 238 species of birds, 42 species of animals and 1300 species of plants.

ALMATY : Located in the southern Tian Shan Mountains and home to snow leopards, jeirans, gazelles, arkhars and the unique Tjan-Shan fir tree.

BARSA KELMES : Translated as ‘the land of no return’, this island, off the northwestern Aral Sea coast, is the home of the rarest hoofed animal in the world - the kulan.

THE WEST-ALTAI : Situated in the Altai Mountains and home to 16 types of forest, 30 species of mammals and 120 species of birds.

KURGALDJINO : Located in central Kazakhstan, this A-class nature reserve is of international importance, and its feather-grass steppe is home to 300 types of plant and the most northerly settlement of flamingoes in the world.

MARAKOL : Home to 232 species of bird, 50 species of animal and 1000 types of plant, the reserve is set in the southern foothills of the Altai Mountains.

NAURZUM : Located in northern Kazakhstan and home to such rare animals as white herons, jack-bustards, hisser swans and grave eagles.

USTIURT : Situated in west Kazakhstan in the Karagie Depression, 132m (433ft) below sea level, this chalk-cliffed reserve is the largest in the country.

BAYAN-AUL NATIONAL NATURE PARK : Known as ‘the museum of nature’, the reserve is located in central Kazakhstan.

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Information provided by Kazakstan Tourism Board.


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