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Boseong is renowned for its tea fragrance. Famous for its production of tea, every May the county is covered by a sea of green. From tea paddies and Yulpo Beach, Boseong features harmony between mountains and sea. Boseong also hosts an annual tea festival.

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  • Daehan Daeop Tourist Tea Plantation
    Address :
    1291-beonji Bongsan-ri, Bonseong-eup, Bongseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
    Description :
    Daehan Daeop Tourist Plantation is an area located in Boseong, and its main produce is greentea originally from the mountain valleys south of Boseong. Boseong has been a tea plantation area from the days of the Japanese occupation, and with its long history comes large plantations, their traditions, and highly trained workers. The most famous of these is the Daehan Daeop Plantation. Even the road leading to Daehan Daeop Plantation is very beautiful, filled with green tea fields and cedar trees. There are several country roads in Korea known for their beauty,, and one of them is the Boseong Cedar Road. Trees at least 20 meters high are planted about a carís distance away from each other along both sides of the road. About 300 meters into the road you can see markets selling local products. If you go further along the road past the market, you come to a small pond on the right. Go round the pond, and you will come to the administrative office building, coffee shops and restaurants. Past these buildings and you will finally arrive at the Daehan Daeop Tea Plantation. Go past the buildings and on the left side you will see the cedar road again. On the other side of the road, in the middle of the tea field, there are stairs you can climb to come to a big tree at the top of a hill. You can see the whole tea plantation from this place.
    Directions :
    From Boseong-eup, take a bus headed to Yulpo, and get off at Daehan-Daeop Tourist Plantation.
    Information :
    Fee: N/A
    Inquiries: (061)852-2593 (Kor)

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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