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Goyang can be found to the west of Gyeonggi-do, and its fertile land makes it an ideal spot for growing and cultivating vegetables, fruit and rice. The city of Goyang also has the Haengjusanseong Fortress located in Mt. Deokyangsan. From here, one can enjoy the open vista of the entire Hangang River and its surroundings. Goyang is also famous for its annual flower exhibition.

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  • Bukhansanseong Fortress
    Address :
    Gyeonggi-do > Goyang-si > Deokyang-gu < Bukhan-dong
    Description :
    Bukhansanseong fortress , located inside Mt. Bukhansan National park, was built in 1711, during the Joseon Period (1392-1910). It is 7 meters high, 8 km long, and is over 290 years old now. Bukhansanseong fortress functioned as resting place for kings in emergencies when they have to abandon their palaces in the capital city and retreat. Therefore Bukhansanseong fortress was built to be totally independent of the capital city. There are 15 gates to guard the fortress. With its 120 rooms, it was not as magnificent as the king’s palace, but enough for a mountain palace for the king. Especially making use of the ridgeline continuing on south from Baekundae, Bukhansanseong fortress was built to take advantage of the rough terrain and the cliffs of its surrounding area. The fortress has the fortification style representative of the Joseon Period, and its traditional architecture blends in beautifully with Mt. Bukhansan scenery, famous for its lovely granite shapes. The fortress enclosure allows you to follow its walls on a leisurely walk. In the fall, the leaves turning color on the mountain makes the fortress very picturesque.
    Directions :
    From Gupabal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit No. 1, take Intercity Bus No. 34, or Citty Bus No. 156. Get off at Mt. Bukhansan entrance bus stop.
    Information :
    - Inquiries: Mt.Bukhansanseong Fortress
      Administration Office, Tel : 02-357-9698/381-2775 (Kor)
    - Admission Fee
      age 20 and over : 1000 won
      age 14-19 : 600 won
      age 13 and under : 300 won
      age 20 and over : 1000 won
      age 14-19 : 500 won
      age 13 and under : 250 won

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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