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Guri is bordered by the Hangang River flowing to the south and Mt. Achasan to the west. It is a city of valuable historical significance with the Donggureung Tomb, ancient villages that contain the living memory of 500 years of Joseon Dynasty kings. Guri is the center of year-round cultural activities and is famous for its sweet tasting Korean pears.

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  • Donggureung Tomb
    Address :
    Description :
    Donggureung Tomb is located in a large forest area, and is the resting place of Joseon kings. There are nine royal mausoleums and seventeen graves in total. The tomb is very large compared to other tombs in Korea, and because of the large forest, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. The nine royal mausoleums include Joseon Dynasty’s founding King Taejo (reign 1335-1408), which is called Geonwonneung tomb. All over the mausoleums are thick forests, and between the graves there are trail walks, ideal for long leisurely walks. An especially famous part of the Donggureung Tomb area is the historically significant purple eulalia reeds growing there. The long reeds are said to have been transplanted from King Taejo’s hometown of Hamgeung. It carries with it 600 years of Joseon History within it.
    Directions :
    From Cheongnyangni Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit No.5, take City Bus No.202 to Donggureung Tomb.
    Information :
    - Hours: * Mar-Oct 09:00-17:30 / *Nov-Feb 09:00-16:30 -Inquiries: Donggureung Administration Office Tel: 031-563-2909 (Kor) -Parking Facilities: 100 car capacity

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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