Destinations Gwacheon-si

Gwachon is bordered by Mt. Gwanaksan in the northwest and Yangjaecheon stream in the northeast, which is a tributary of the Hangang River. Mt. Gwanaksan is known for its scenic spots and curious rock formations. As a tourist attraction, it is also possesses Seoul Grand Park and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tourist Sites


  • Seoul Land Santa Sledding Hills
    Address :
    Seoul Land, 33 Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Description :
    Santa Sledding Hills in large and possesses one adult slope (length 100m, width 50m) and a children’s slope (length 45m, width 30m.) The slopes here maintain a steepness of 17degrees which adds to the speed of the sled. In all corners of the hill are igloos and fire pots, providing the users with scenery and memories of good times. There are 2 kinds of sleds: the tube sled and the plastic sled, enabling visitors to choose between the two. The children’s slope, is not too steep and provides safety with rubber cushions attached to the sled. Figures such as Santa Claus, Rudolf, and snowmen also add to the fun.
    Directions :
    Get off at /Seoul Land Station Seoul Subway Line 4, AND come out through Exit No.4, It is a 15 minute walk straight ahead.
    Information :
    1. Tel : 02-504-0011 (Kor/Eng/Chn/Jap)
    2. Homepage : (Kor/Eng/Chn/Jap)
    3. Open: From the middle of December to the end of February (Small changes may occur depending on the weather)
    4. Hours : 10:00-17:00
    5. Closed : None
    6. Fee


    Adults (won)

    Teenagers (won)

    Children (won)

    Seoul Land Admission Fee+Sledding Hill




    (Separate use of sledding Hill (after admission





    included in admission fee



    Adults (won)

    Teenagers (won)

    Children (won)







    Under 37 months is free of charge










    All rides and services excluding coin attraction, Sky X, and the Special Exhibition Hall (Includes admission





    * Children - 12 or under / Teenagers - From 13-18 Adults – 19 and older
    * Daytime : 09:30-17:00 / Nighttime : 17:00-22:00 (Open only during summer)
    7. Children - age 12 or under / Teenagers - From 13-18 Adults - 19 and older
    7. Facilities : Information Desk, Care-Room for Lost Children, Diaper Change Room, Baby Carriages, Wheelchair Rental Shop, Lockers, Infirmary, Children’s Cafeteria.


  • Seoul Land
    Address : 685 Juam-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Description :
    Gwacheon Seoul Race Track presently possesses about 1,400 racing horses and holds races from 10:30-17:10, every Saturday and Sunday. The main spectators’ section has 6 stories with 12,000 pyeong (1 pyong= 6 square meters) holding 40,000 people, including all kinds of facilities and services. As for facilities, there is horse racing park, adults’ horse riding park, children’s horse riding park, mini-trainer’s range, Horse Racing Museum, traditional wedding hall, and training for horse riding. There is a park of 40,000 pyeong for horse riding and recreational fun. Within this park is an exclusive bicycle road for children, a playground and a free rental store for horse riding fans that rents free equipment. Moreover, there are 22 lookout sheds, a bird park and weekend farms provided for the excursion of students from kindergarten to high school. All the facilities within the park are free of charge.
    Directions :
    Get off at Seoul Racecourse Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) and go out through exit 3.
    Information :
    1. Tel.: (ARS) (02) 509-1114(Kor)
    2. Homepage: (Kor/Eng/Jap)
    3. Hours: Admission time 09:00
        Racing time 11:00 - 17:30
    4. Open: No racing days: Mon-Fri/ Racing days: Sat, Sun.
    5. Fee: No racing days (Mon-Fri): free / Racing days (Sat,Sun) Adults only (19 and older): 800 won
    6.Facilities:indoor racing track, riding race track, practice track, rental shop for children’s bicycles and baby carriages, Juronae Park (with children’s bicycle tracks and free horse riding for children), bird park, soccer field, parking lot.
    * Horse race tickets are sold from 100 won to 100,000 won, with 3 kinds of tickets from exacta, perfecta, to quinela.

Cultural Centers

  • National Museum of Contemporary Art
    Address :
    209 Gwangmyeong-gil, San 58-1 Makgae-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Description :
    The National Museum of Contemporary Art is the one and only national museum where you can see Korean and foreign artwork in one place. It has world-class facilities and an outdoor sculpture exhibit. The gallery building was built to blend well with the Mt. Cheonggesan and the unique Korean landscape behind the gallery. The design was based on the old castles, walls and stairs of traditional Korean houses. Due to the delicate work, the museum itself can be called artwork. Besides appreciating the paintings and sculptures, you can find more information on the exhibited artwork and other art at the data library. You can buy souvenirs or crafts at the museum shop. If you get tired from the tour, you can rest at the lounge or you can dine at the restaurant at a reasonable price. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is close to the amusement park 'Seoul Land' and the zoo 'Seoul Grand Park'. Take a ride on the elephant train and you will be able to visit all three places.
    Directions :
    At Seoul Grand Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) exit No.4, take the museum shuttle bus and get off at the museum. To take the shuttle bus, you must buy the museum admission ticket from the ticket dispensing machines at the subway station.
    * Exceptions: Admission free visitors
    * Shuttle Bus: There is a bus every 20 minutes
    * March-October: Grand Park Station -> Museum. First bus 9:00, Last bus 17:00
    Museum -> Grand Park Station. First bus 10:00, Last bus 18:20
    * Bus schedule is extended one hour on weekends
    * November-February: Grand Park Station -> Museum. First bus 9:00, Last bus 16:00
    Museum -> Grand Park Station. First bus 10:00, Last bus 17:20

    Information :
    1. Telephone: 02-2188-6000/ 1330
    2. Homepage: (Kor/Eng/Jap/Chi)
    3. Hours: * Mar.-Oct.: 09:00-18:00 (Open until 19:00)
        * Nov.-Feb.: 09:00-17:00
    4. Closed: Every Mondays; Jan. 1st
    5. Admission Fee : *Ages 25-64 : 700won
        *19-24 : 300won
        * Under 18 , Over 65, Handicapped : Free
        * Every First Sunday : Free
    6. Facilities: Archive, Children’s Playroom, Museum Shop, Restaurant, Lounge, Wheelchair Rental Service, Lockers, Stroller Rental Service, Public Telephone

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Recommended Sites

  • Seoul Grand Park
    Address :
    Gyeonggi-do > Gwacheon-si > Makgye-dong
    Description :
    Seoul Grand Park is a theme park in Korea, and contains all kinds of great entertainment facilities and a zoo, blending well into the beautiful surrounding scenery. This park, about 7,000,000 square km in area, opened in 1984. Seoul Grand Park centers around a lake, and has a zoo, botanical garden, educational center for youth, and various convenience facilities. The zoo currently has an extremely rare Roland Gorilla, and about 360 kinds of animals, totaling 3,200 creatures from all over the world, divided into origin and species. The botanical garden is sectioned into different temperature zones, and the zoo has a practical layout. The dolphin and seal shows are the pride of Seoul Grand Park. Adults and children of all ages can enjoy the shows. The botanical garden boasts of 1,300 kinds of plants, and the Mt. Cheonggyesan Forest Relaxation Area is great for trail walking. The large field on which the Seoul Grand Park operates holds various seasonal festivals. In April, the Royal Cherry Blossoms Festival, in June, the Rose Festival beloved by couples, and in October the Autumn Leaves Festival is held to appreciate the surrounding Mt. Cheonggyesan fall colors.
    Directions :
    Get off at Seoul Grand Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit No. 2.
    Information :
    - Hours:
      (April-Sep.) 09:00-19:00
      (Oct.-Mar.) 09:00-18:00 (Open All Year)
    - Seal&Dolphin Show
      Weekdays (3 shows) : 11:30, 13:30, 15:00
      Weekends, Holidays (4 shows) : 11:30, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30
    * during April, May, Sep, Oct., there are four shows on Saturdays as well, and during the winter, there is no morning show.
    - Admission Fee



     Age 20 and over (won)

     14-19 (won)

     13 and ounger (won)





    Zoo (April to June and September to October)




    30 people or more, 30% discount




    - Website: (Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
    - Inquiries: Seoul Grand Park Administration Office,
      Tel : (02-500-7114, 500-7321)
    - Parking Facilities: 5,600 parking spaces available
    - Facilities: dispensary, baggage room, baby stroller rental service, restaurants, police station


  • Seoul Land
    Address : Gyeonggi-do > Gwacheon-si > Makgye-dong
    Description :
    Seoul Land is Korea’s first theme park, and the surrounding Mt. Cheonggyesan is very beautiful. Seoul Land has World Square where traditional architecture and folk items from all over the world are displayed, Samcheonri Hill where the emphasis is on enjoying things traditionally Korean, the western frontier-like Model Land, Fantasy Land; altogether there are five theme based areas that make up Seoul Land. Seoul Land has rides such as Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Magic Carpet, and others that make up about 40 rides, and there are also Adventure Theater, Movie Theater, Story Land, and other viewing facilities as well.
    The pride of Seoul Land is the variety of seasonal festivals held here and the evening laser show. Seoul Grand Park is situated on a very large field and holds various festivals for each season of the year. From April to May, the Tulip Festival, July to August, the Starlight Rose Festival, September to October, the Chrysanthemum Festival, and from December to February, the Snow Light Festival.
    Because Seoul Land has Seoul Grand Park, Forest Bath Resort, National Modern Art Center and other great attractions nearby, it is a popular destination.
    Directions :
    Get off at Seoul Grand Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit No. 2
    Information :
    - Seoul Land:
      (April-October)Weekdays 09:30-19:00 / Sat. Sun. 09:30-22:00
    * May-Aug, weekdays open to 21:00, Holidays open to 22:00
      (November-March) 09:00-18:00
    - Inquiries: 02) 504-0011-6 (Kor)
    - Admission Fee








    8,000 won

    6,000 won

    4,000 won

    3 or younger are free


    7,000 won

    5,500 won

    3,500 won

    Day Pass


    24,000 won

    19,000 won

    15,000 won

    Includes all the recreational facilities except the machines operated on coins, Sky X, and the special exhibitions.


    17,000 won

    14,000 won

    12,000 won

    Big 5 Pass

    20.000 won

    16,000 won

    12,000 won

    Entrance + five rides

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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