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Itaewon street

Itaewon is the most exotic place in Seoul representing fusion culture with a distinctive atmosphere. Many people say, “You may not know Seoul, but you should know Itaewon,” showing how renowned of a shopping district Itaewon is. The Itaewon shopping area covers a 1.4 km long street, stretching from Itaewon 1-dong eastwards to Hannam 2-dong. The area has a vibrant ambience with shops, restaurants, bars and street vendors. Most signboards are written in English, and often seen are English speaking people on the street.

  • Clothing
    Clothing shops of hip hop style, casual wear, formal suit are clustered in Itaewon. Unlike other shopping districts, big & tall sizes and exotic clothing are well prepared. Good quality leather goods are abundant, and even personal orders are accepted. Most tailors have been established for over fifteen to thirty years.

  • Bags
    A variety of bags from suitcases, to casual backpacks are available. ‘Chungnamsanghoe’ is a good shop for suitcases and briefcases and Samsonite for high quality suitcases. There are bunch of other shops dealing with leather bags.

  • Shoes
    Various options are offered from world-class brands to unique no name brand goods. Nike and Adidas in Itaewon provide large size shoes and many designs. There are also a bunch of leather shoes stores

  • Antique Furniture
    Antique Street in Itaewon is especially popular among non-Koreans. Shops carry small interior items as well as expensive antique furniture. Most antiques are from the Goryo and Joseon Dynasties. Personal orders of reproduction products are accepted. Small antique goods make good gift items.

Transportation and Map
- Seoul Subway Line 6, Itaewon Station Exit 1,2,3 or 4

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Noted Shops

  • Hilton
    Hilton is the prominent tailor’s shop, even visited by celebrities like Luciano Pavarotti and Steven Seagal. On the wall of the shop are various textiles and the photos of celebrities who have visited the shop.
    Tel: +82-2-792-1196 (Kor)
    Open hours: 09:00 - 21:00
    Closed Day: Open year round

  • North Beach
    North Beach specializes in leather goods, especially items of cowhide and sheepskin. The shop has its own factory, and exports some of the items. North Beach accepts personal orders as well.
    Tel: +82-2-793-6098 (Kor) / (Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
    Open hours: 09:30 - 21:00
    Closed day: Open year round

  • Sister's House
    Sister's House specializes in hip-hop style clothing and accessories. A full range of hip hop style clothing, such as T-shirts, pants and jackets, are sold. Hip-hop music harmonizes with the unique interior of the shop.
    Tel: +82-2-793-5742 (Kor)
    Open hours: 11:00 - 23:30
    Closed day: Open year round

  • Morning Calm
    Morning Calm is an antique furniture shop. The shop carries practical interior items like candlesticks and ceramics as well as large articles like antique sofas, display cabinets, and drawers. The antique furniture is refined and elegant.
    Tel: +82-2-790-2420 (Kor)
    Open hours: 09:30 - 19:00
    Closed day: Every other Monday

  • Asian Deco
    Both Korean and Chinese antique furniture are sold at Asian Deco. The shop carries items such as small interior articles and large pieces of antique furniture such as drawers and cabinets with various price options. (Ex. Display cabinet: One hundred U.S. dollars to two thousand U.S. dollars/small items: ten U.S. dollars to one hundred U.S. dollars)
    Tel: +82-2-792-4938 (Kor/Eng/Jap)
    Open hours: 10:00 - 20:00
    Closed day: Open year round

  • Genuine
    Genuine sells original brand name goods at a 30-40% discount. Products of world-class brand names, such as PRADA, Ferragamo and Gucci, are sold at duty-free shop prices.
    Tel: +82-2-790-8889 (Kor)
    Open hours: 09:00 - 21:00
    Closed day: Open year round

  • Samsonite
    The shop mostly carries Samsonite bags and shoes. Briefcases and backpacks are found in abundance. Backpacks of simple but colorful design are popular items among non-Koreans.
    Tel: +82-2-798-1850 (Kor)
    Open hours: 10:00 - 20:30
    Close day: Lunar New Year's Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day(Chuseok)

  • Nike
    Nike (Itaewon Branch) carries sportswear, shoes, T-shirts and miscellaneous goods at 10-25% discounts. Various kinds of items and the discounted prices attract many customers.
    Tel: +82-2-798-6459 (Kor)
    Open hours: 09:00 - 21:30
    Closed day: Open year round

  • In Toto
    In Toto specializes in leather goods: carrying bags, clothing, shoes, wallets and belts. Leather clothing in this shop is recognized for its simple design and refined color. Personal orders are accepted.
    Tel: +82-2-794-0447 (Kor)
    Open hours: 09:00 - 21:00
    Closed day: Every second Wednesday of the month, Lunar New Year's Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day(Chuseok)

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Itaewon houses a variety of international restaurants. Indian, Thai, Pakistani, and Mexican foods as well as Korean food are available. The prominent Korean restaurants are ‘Cheongsachorong’ (Hanjeongsik restaurant) and ‘Itaewon Galbi’. Opened in 1984, ‘Moghul’ is the one and only Pakistani food restaurant in Korea. ‘Thai Orchid’ attracts many Thai food lovers with its authentic and savory Thai food. All That Jazz offers live jazz performances played by talented musicians. The Australian-theme family restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, is also found in Itaewon along with a bunch of fast food restaurants near Itaewon Subway Station.

  • Cheongsachorong
    Located in the heart of Itaewon, Cheongsachorong specializes in Hanjeongsik (Korean table d’hote). The specialty of the restaurant is the royal cuisine. Traditional folk dances are performed from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The flavorful food and traditional performance draw foreign tourists.
    Tel: +82-2-794-1177(Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
    Open Hours: 11:30-10:00
    Closed Day: Open Year Round

  • Itaewon Galbi
    For over 13 years, Itaewon Galbi has been serving more than 20 kinds of Korean dishes, such as Galbi, Bulgogi, Yukhoe (a dish of minced raw beef), Naengmyeon (cold noodles), Doenjang Jjigae (soy-bean paste stew), and Pajeon (fried pan cake of green onions). The restaurant also provides menus written in English and Japanese for foreign tourists.
    Tel:: +82-2-795-9716 (Kor)
    Open Hours:: 11:00-22:30
    Closed Day: : Open Year Round

  • Mughul
    Opened in 1984, Mughul is the only Pakistani restaurant in Korea. The restaurant mainly serves meat dishes adding twelve kinds of spices. All the staff, from cooks to servers, is Pakistani.
    Tel: +82-2-796-5501(Kor)
    Open Hours: 12:00-22:30
    Closed Day: Open Year Round

  • Thai Orchid
    Thai Orchid is celebrated for its savory and authentic Thai food in Itaewon. The restaurant serves more than 100 Thai dishes and all the staffs are native Thai.
    Tel: +82-2-792-8836 (Kor)
    Open Hours: 12:00-22:30
    Closed Day: Open Year Round

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Tourist Information Center
Four TICs are available in Itaewon, one in the Itaewon Subway Station, and three others on the street. Itaewon TICs offer brochures, leaflets and maps of Itaewon, not to mention the English, Japanese and Chinese speaking staff. Free Internet access is provided at the TIC in the subway station.

Tourist Information Center ("TIC")
(Inside Subway Station)
Tel: +82-2-3785-2514 (Eng/Jap/Chn)
Open Hours: 09:00-21:00
Closed Day: None

(In front of Kookmin Bank, Itaewon Subway Station Exit 3)
Tel: +82-2-792-9070(Eng/Jap/Chn)
Open Hours: Nov.~Feb. 10:00-21:00/Mar.~Oct. 10:00-22:00
Closed Day: None

(Towards Samjakji)
Tel: +82-2-794-2490(Eng/Jap/Chn)
Open Hours: Nov.~Feb. 09:00-17:00/ Mar.~Oct. 09:00-18:00
Closed Day: None

(Woori Bank)
Tel: +82-2-794-5579(Eng/Jap/Chn)
Open Hours: Nov.~Feb. 09:00-17:00/ Mar.~Oct. 09:00-18:00
Closed Day: None

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Shopping tips

  • Itaewon holds the Spring Festival in May, and the Autumn Festival in October. It gives foreign tourists a valuable opportunity to experience traditional cultural games and various events

  • Most shops in Itaewon fix prices

  • If possible avoid the weekends as it is crowded. Go during the day on weekdays for shopping in Itaewon

  • Shop around Itaewon during the daytime, and spend the night at one of the unique bars or restaurants.

  • The Islamic Mosque is outstanding in Itaewon with its unique architectural style. Services are held five times a day, and it might be an interesting experience to attend one of the services. Islamic food is provided after Sunday service.

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Itaewon Insights
Bob Adams from the U.S. came to Korea on vacation.
Q : What is your impression on Itaewon?
A : I like Itaewon in that it’s exotic with a variety of international restaurants and shops. Also with so many foreigners on the street makes me comfortable.

Q : What are on your shopping list?
A : I’m buying clothing for myself, especially leather goods. It is good to find that shops in Itaewon have big & tall size clothing for someone like me. You know, I had trouble at other shopping districts finding my size. Also, good quality leather goods are abundant in terms of style and size. It’s fun to shop around Itaewon. I visited several antique shops to get a gift for my wife. After looking at some exquisite antique furniture, I’m so into antiques now. I wish I could take one of the big display cabinets. I got a little wooden jewelry box for my wife.

Q : Do you have any other comments on Itaewon?
A : In some parts of Itaewon where no brand shops are clustered, shopkeepers come out on the street and drag tourist’s sleeves to push products. It wasn’t good.

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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