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Jindo Island is the third largest island in Korea following Jejudo and Geojedo islands, and composed of up to 250 islands. Historically, Jindo Island is the place in which General Yi Sun-sin landed his great naval victory, and is the origin of the beauties of the Southern Provinces. It is also home to symbols of national pride such as the Jindo breed of dogs and Gugija berries. Jindo Island is easily accessible with the recent construction of the Jindo Island Bridge.

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  • The “Moses’ Miracle” of Jindo
    Address :
    Jodo-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do
    Description :
    Jindo Island is the third largest island in Korea, next to Jejudo and Geojedo Island. It is made up of 250 smaller islands, and it is famous for the appearance of a dry road in the middle of the sea around the end of February and middle of June, of the lunar calendar. Because it resembles what happened in the Old Testament in the Book of Exodus, the event is called “Moses’ Miracle”. When the water recedes, a road about 30-40 meter wide and 2.8 km long appears, which stays for about an hour before being submerged again. Jindo Island has some legends which are still popular today, especially that of “Old Woman Bbyong of Hoedongri”. A long time ago, there were many tigers on Jindo island. When tigers began appearing frequently in the village, the people fled to Modo Island. In the process, only the old woman Bbyong ended up remaining on the island, so the lady prayed everyday to Yongwang, the god of the ocean, to let her see her family again. Around February, Yongwang appeared to her in her dream and said, “I will send a rainbow to the sea tomorrow; ride it and cross the ocean”. The next day old woman Bbyong went out to the sea and prayed again, and the sea water parted and round rainbow road appeared. Through this road, her family and the other villagers came back to the island. Because of this legend, when the sea parts, the people celebrate by holding the Yeongdeung festival and remember the Old Woman Bbyong. During the Festival, original folk plays of Jindo Island is performed and draw many tourists to Jindo Island.
    Directions :
    From Jindo-eup Bus Terminal, take bus going to Jindo Island or Hoedong-ri.
    Information :
    - Admission Fee: Free
    - Parking Fee: Free
    - Inquiries: Jindo City Hall Culture & Tourism Department, Tel : 061-540-3136 (Kor)
    - Homepage: (Kor)

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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