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Located in the heart of Seoul, Myeongdong is a representative shopping district in Korea. It also houses the headquarters of banks and securities brokers, and many western and traditional restaurants. Compared to Namdaemun and Dongdaemun Market which sell products at low prices, most shops in Myeongdong deal with mid-level price items. The main street in Myeongdong is lined with quality brand name shops, while mid-class brand name shops and no name brand shops are located in the side alleys. Moreover, large shopping malls like Avatar or Migliore and department stores are present as well. All kinds of shops and restaurants are densely located on the main street with lanes which resemble the shape of a chess board, so itís advisable to divide Myeongdong into a few sections in your mind and explore each section separately.

  • Myeongdong Street (A)
    Migliore, U-too Zone (Shopping Malls)/ Brand Name Shops (Leviís, Bean Pole, Geumgang Shoes Store, Elkanto Shoe Store, Esquire Shoe Store, etc.)

  • Side Alley (B)
    mid-priced brand name shops (Ssamzie, Club Monaco, Guess) / No Name Brand Stores/ Trend 20, Myeongdong Uiryu (Shopping Malls)

  • Side Alley (C)
    No Name Brand Shops/Brand Name Shops (Giordano, Jangbangee)/Restaurants/Coffee Houses

  • Central Street (D)
    National Souvenir Center / Avatar (Shopping Mall)/banks/fast food restaurants

  • Chinese street (E)
    Chinese Embassy/Chinese restaurants/stores for Chinese medicine, books, etc.

Transportation and Map
- Seoul Subway Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit 7.

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Noted Shops

  • Myeongdong Migliore
    Milgiore is a huge shopping mall selling trendy items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. More than 1,000 shops are placed in the building on 20 floors. A food court, game room, soccer cafe are available as well. The basement of Migliore is directly connected to Seoul Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station.
    Tel: : +82-2-2124-0001(Kor) / (Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
    Hours: 10:30 am - 03:00 of the next day
    Closing Day Mondays.

  • Myeongdong Uiryu
    Since its opening in 1975, Myeongdong Uiryu has offered reasonable priced fashion items. Located in the center of Myeongdong, the shopping mall sells clothing for men, women and children, underwear, accessories, and cosmetics. Items of low price and good quality lure many shoppers
    Tel : +82-2-776-1979(Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-21:30 (Sundays 10:00-21:30 )
    Open year round

  • U-TOO Zone
    U-TOO Zone houses about 60 brand name shops including shops for womenís outfits, shoes, bags and accessories. U-TOO Zone has plentiful items for women in twenties in particular. A food court and skin care shop are available on the 4th floor.
    Tel : +82-2-771-6262(Kor)
    Hours : 10:00-21:30
    Open year round

  • TREND 20
    Brand name shops for casual wears and semi-formal suits are clustered in the building of four floors offering items mainly for women in their twenties through thirties. On the 4th floor are convenient facilities.
    Tel : +82-2-753-8211~4(Kor)
    Hours : 11:00~21:30
    Closing Day : Lunar New Year Day and Thanksgiving Day

  • Avatar
    Calling itself an entertainment shopping mall for youths, Avatar has facilities like a movie theater (CGV Myeongdong 5), outdoor stage for various events and international food court as well as high class branch shops, sports shops and shops for character items, fancy stationery and daily products.
    Tel : +82-2-3783-5000(Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-22:30
    Closing Day : Tuesdays

  • Thereís
    Thereís deals with clothing, shoes, interior decorations and accessories. Casual wear of unique designs are outstanding. Interior decorations like clocks and trash cans are practical and unique. Shops on the basement and the 1st floor sell casual wear and shoes, and on the 2nd floor are interior goods.
    Tel : +82-2-754-2911(Kor)
    Hours : 11:00-21:00
    Closing Day: Lunar New Year Day and Thanksgiving Day

  • Supermarket
    Supermarket has uniquely designed clothing, bags, belts, shoes and hats and is especially popular among Japanese tourists. Five branches with different atmospheres and items respectively are spread through Myeongdong. Among them, Circle Supermarket (the 5th branch) has a coffee house in it where Supermarket fans can take a rest after shopping
    Tel : +82-2-775-1515 (Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-22:00
    Open year round

  • Yisaekui (Unique clothing)
    Yisaekui is famed for its unique interior and clothing mainly selling knitwear, skirts, pants and accessories. Most customers are foreign tourists
    Tel : +82-2-774-4849 (Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-22:00
    Open year round

  • HI (Joy)
    HI retails items of uniquely designed clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Glittering shoes and bags, fusion style clothing and accessories would make good gift items
    Tel : +82-2-756-3387(Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-22:00
    Open year round

    TODA COSA is a cosmetic shop selling accessories as well as every kind of cosmetics. Customers can try samples of every item on display including perfume and nail polish
    Tel : +82-2-774-9557(Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-21:30
    Closing Day: Lunar New Year Day and Thanksgiving Day

  • MniMall
    MiniMall offers cosmetics and accessories. General cosmetics are on the 1st floor, aroma products on the 2nd floor, and nail care products are available on the 3rd floor. Foreign customers with a passport can get 5% discount. (subject to change)
    Tel : +82-2-779-5233(Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-22:00 (National Holidays 10:30-21:30)
    Open year round

  • National Souvenir Shop
    The National Souvenir Shop a spacious souvenir shop offering traditional Korean items like ceramics, embroidery, handicrafts, lacquer ware and accessories. Connecting wholesalers and customers, National Souvenir Shop offers better price than duty-free shops. Customers also can get 10% tax refund on the items purchased here when leaving the country.
    Tel : +82-2-778-6529(Kor)
    Hours : 10:30-21:00
    Open year round

  • Chinese Street
    For over 20 years, the street near the Chinese Embassy has become home to shops for tealeaves, books, spices and daily products that are directly imported from China. Visitors can get the feel of an exotic atmosphere in downtown Seoul.

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All kinds of restaurants from traditional ones to western ones are placed in Myeongdong. Restaurants recommended are Myongdong Gyoja, Myeongdong Donkkas, Teumsae Rameon, and Yeongyang Center. Chungmu Gimbap, Vietnamese Noodles (Pho) and Andong Jjimdak are also popular. Coffee shops like Starbucks and Seattleís Best and many fast food restaurants such as Burger King are located on the central street. On the street from Myeongdong to Jongno are family restaurants like T.G.I Fridays, Outback Steakhouse and Bennigans

  • Myeongdong Gyoja
    With its 30 year history, Myeongdong Gyoja proudly presents its specialty, Kalguksu. Kalguksu is made of chicken soup from boiled chicken bones for 6 hours and soft noodles. The restaurant boasts its old history and tradition and attracts many foreign tourists.
    Tel : +82-2-776-5348 (Kor)
    Hours 10:30-21:30
    Open year round

  • Teumsae Rameon
    Teumsae Rameon is not a fancy restaurant, rather it is so shabby and tiny that you would never guess the restaurant would draw regular customers for 20 years with its specialty, Bbalgaetteok. It has other branches in Sinchon and Itaewon.
    Tel : +82-2-756-5477(Kor)
    Hours : 10:00-21:30 (Sudays 11:00-21:00)
    Open year round
    Location: Walk down the street between Popeyes Restaurant and Chungmu Gimbap which is near the back gate of U-TOO Zone Shopping Mall. Make a left turn at the first corner

  • Myeongdong Donkkas (pork cutlet)
    Myeongdong Donkkas is a Japanese style restaurant specializing in pork cutlet. Stout pork cutlet is served with bean-paste soup. Japanese style rameon is also available.
    Tel : +82-2-776-5300(Kor)
    Hours : 11:00-21:30
    Open year round

  • Yeongyang Center
    For over 30 years, Yeongyang Center has been serving the best Samgyetang (chicken soup) and broiled chicken. Samgyetang is popular during the summer and broiled chicken for the winter.
    Tel : +82-2-776-2015(Kor)
    Hours : 11:30-22:00
    Open year round

  • Seafood Soup Street
    If you walk down the alley between Esquire Shoe Store and Spris from the main street, seafood soup restaurants are clustered in this narrow lane. Among them, Myeongdong Eomeonijip (Motherís House) boasts a 40 year history and savory seafood soup.

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Tourist Information Center
Myeongdong Tourist Information Centers are located at the intersection of the main street and Myeongdong Street, next to Woori Bank, and the other is found next to Avatar Shopping Mall. Not to mention the staff are fluent in a number of foreign languages, and provides brochures, maps and coupons.

Tourist Information Center ("TIC")
Tel : Myeongdong Street TIC +82-2-774-3238(Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
Main Street TIC +82-2-774-3447 57-0088(Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
Hours : Nov. ~ Feb. 10:00-18:00/Mar. ~ Oct. 10:00-19:00
Open year round

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Shopping tips

  • Myeongodng Festival is held around May or June. Parade, Folk games, Fashion show, and special discounts are offered during the festival period

  • Myeongdong is near to Namdaemun Market and Insadong which makes it easy to shop around these places in one day.

  • Use the Tourist Information Centers for maps and coupons.

  • Myeongdong is normally crowded on weekends. If possible, visit Myeongdong during the weekdays

  • Built in 1898, Myeongdong Cathedral Church is also worth visiting. This beautiful Gothic style church provides benches under a huge tree in its yard enabling tired tourist to take a rest for a short while.

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Myeondong Insights
Interview of a Chinese Couple - Chen Defa (M), Lin Fengyi (F)
ďI like that Myeongdong has many big shopping malls which have every kind of items. It makes my shopping so easy. We are here for vacation and this is the first time for us to visit Korea. We stopped by Myeongdong mainly for shopping. You know, Myeongdong is the representative shopping district in Korea. My husband bought outfits at Polo and Bean Pole, and I got trendy and exotic clothing at Migliore and no name brand shops. All kinds of food from traditional ones to western ones are abundant as well. Among the foods that we have tried, Samgyetang and Shabu Shabu were most impressive. The things I regret is that it wasnít so easy to communicate in either English or Chinese, and most shops open at 11 a.m., which makes the morning shopping hard.

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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