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Sinan is the home of many islands. It encompasses about 100 inhabited Islands and 700 uninhabited Islands. Among the islands, Heuksando Island and Hongdo Island are famous for their peculiar rock formations and cliffs. All these attractions can be found in the Dadohae Maritime National Park.

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  • Heuksando Island
    Address :
    Heuksan-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
    Description :
    Heuksando Island is located at the southern end of Korea about 92.7 km away from Mokpo. It is composed of 11 uninhabited islands and 89 inhabited islands. Because of its natural beauty, it has been designated as part of Dadohae National Marine Park along with the nearby islands. Heuksando Island has a circular road that can take you all the way around the island along the seashore. Following this road, you can see almost all of the beautiful natural and cultural treasures of the island. The Choryeongmok Tree, once designated as Natural Monument, is said to have the ability to conjur up spirits when its branch was broken and placed on a Buddhist altar. Nearby are Sangroksurim and Seonghwangdang. Also on Heuksando Island are designated Cultural Treasures such as the Jiseokmyogun, Samcheungseokdeung, Samcheungseoktap, and Banwolseong. Mt. Heuksan on the island has eight especially beautiful sceneries, which are called Mt. Heuksan Eight Sceneries. Among them, Munamchangsong, Songjeonmangwol, and Myeongsasipri are especially famous. Munamchangsong refers to evergreen trees covering the sky of Mt. Munamsan, and Songjeonmangwol refers to watching the moon in front of an evergreen at harvest full moon. Myeongsasipri refers to a large white sandy beach spread out in front of Jinri Village. The Eight Sceneries of Mt. Heuksan are must-see places for those who visit the Heuksando Island.
    Directions :
    Train -> get off at Mokpo Station -> take a taxi or Bus No.1 -> get off at Mokpo Ferry Terminal -> take a ferry bound for Heuksando Island.
    Bus -> get off at Mokpo Bus Terminal -> take a taxi or Bus No.1 -> get off at Mokpo Ferry Terminal -> take a ferry bound for Heuksando Island.

    Information :
    - Admission Fee: Free
    - Parking Fee: Free
    - Inquiries: Heuksan-myeon Office, Tel: 061-240-1607 (Kor)
    - Website: (Kor) / (Kor)


  • Hongdo Island
    Address :
    Hongdo-ri, Heuksan-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
    Description :
    Hongdo Island is located 115 km from southwest of Mokpo Harbor. It is composed of about 20 islands, and because it has an usual reddish-brown color about it, it is called Hong(Red)do. When the sun is setting over the island, the whole area takes on a red hue. The seashore is filled with sea cliffs with diverse shapes of rocks. With the blue sea and green forest, it remains the most spectacular sight in the South Sea. Hongdo Island has 33 officially designated beautiful sceneries, but the most famous of them all is the Hongdosipkyeong. Along with Nammun Rock and Seokhwagul Cave, Hongdosipkyeong shows off the beauty of Hongdo Island, and if you take a ferry to the island, you can see almost all of Hongdosipkyeong. It takes about 2 hours to go around the island, and you can see all the mysterious natural sights as well as the beautiful sceneries within that time. On the island, there are about 270 kinds of evergreens and 170 kinds of animals. Because the government wanted to preserve the natural state of the island, it was designated a Natural Protected Area in 1965, and since 1981, became part of Dadohae Marine National Park. It has forests of pine trees and chestnut trees, and it is also the native home of the very rare daeyeoppung reed. Because the entire Hongdo Island has been declared a Natural Monument, people are not allowed to enter areas other than the villages and designated tourist areas. Because of this, you cannot bring out even one stone or a pocket of grass from the island, and in case of such an event, you will be fined.
    Directions :
    From Mokpo Train Station --> go to Mokpo Ferry Terminal (Tel : 061-240-6060) --> Take the Express Ferry --> Hongdo Island
    From Mokpo Airport --> go to Mokpo Ferry Terminal (Tel : 061-240-6060) --> Take the Express Ferry --> Hongdo Island

    Information :
    Admission Fee : Entrance to Park Individual: (age 20 and older)-2,300 won / (age 14-19)-1,100 won / (age 13 and under)-500 won Groups: (age 20 and older)-1,900 won / (age 14~19)-900 won / (age 13 and under)- 450 won (group-30 or more people) Inquiries: Sinan-gun Hongdo Administration Office, Tel : (061)246-3700 (Kor) Dadohae Marine National Park Hongdo Office, Tel : (061)246-2271 (Kor)
    Homepage: (Kor)

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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