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Wando-gun is located in the Southern Sea and is composed of 203 islands. Along the 839km coastline, a variety of seafood is harvested. The major and popular islands include Wando Island, Bogildo Island and Sinjido Island. The Jangbogo Festival held in Wando-gun is also famous.

Tourist Sites


Recommended Sites

  • Dadohae Maritime National Park
    Address :
    Wando-eup, wando-gun, Cheonranam-do, Goheung-gun, Jindo-gun, Sinan-gun, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do
    Description :
    Dadohae Maritime National Park covers the areas Sinan-gun, Jindo-gun, Goheung-gun of Yeosu-si and Wando-gun in Jeollanam-do. It became the 14th National Park on Dec. 23rd 1981, and with an area of 2,344.91 square km, it is the largest national park in Korea. From the seashore of Yeosu to Heuksando and Hondo Island out west, the Park covers many small and large islands and various shapes of rocks. In the park, the blue sky and the ocean blend well with white sandy beaches, and thick pine forests add to the lovely atmosphere.

    Hongdo Island there is one island in the park that everyone should to visit at least once. There is Heuksando Island, famous for its camellias and pung reeds, and Geomundo Island with many fascinating shaped rocks. Also Wando, Bogildo, Bigeumdo, Baekdo, and others are part of a total of 1,596 islands in the Maritime National Park, each island with its own sense of harmony and beauty.

    Directions :
    From Mokpo, Yeosu or Goheung Bus Terminal, Take a bus headed Mokpo Ferry Terminal. Get off at Mokpo Ferry Terminal.
    From Mokpo Ferry Terminal, Take a ferry for each island

    Information :
    - Homepage : (Kor/Eng)
    - Inquiries : Dadohae Maritime Administration
      Office Tel : 061) 554-5474, 552-3386 (Kor)

    Admission Fee


    Travel hour


    Interval Time


    Wando-Sinjido (Myeongsasip-ri)


    06:00 - 21:30(High season: Frequent)

    30 times

    400 won

    Wanddo-Bogildo (IWhaheung)


    05:30 - 18:40(7.19-8.20)

    17 times

    7,300 won



    06:30 - 18:00

    6 times

    2,800 won

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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