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Yeongam county is renowned for the Mt. Wolchul National Park and Yeongsanho Lake. Dogapsa Temple and many historically important pottery relics are among its riches. Yeongam is the site of the annual Wangin Cultural Festival and the Bauje Festival.

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Recommended Sites

  • Mt. Wolchulsan National Park
    Address :
    Wollam-ri, Seongjeon-myeon, Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do / Gyodong-ri, Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do
    Description :
    Mt. Wolchulsan National Park is located in southern Korea. Wolchulsan means “mountain where the moon rises”, and it has a fittingly beautiful natural scenery. Starting with the Cheonhwangbong Peak (809m) at the center, the whole area is filled with rock mountain peaks which all look unique and special. Walk for about 20 minutes past the National Park’s parking lot and Dogapsa Temple, and the entrance to Mt. Wolchulsan appears. About 5km from the gate, you can see Gujeolbong Peak, shaped like 9 large pots. Because this place always has water, it is said that a dragon used to live here. Further down about 500 meters and you can see the Maaeyeoraejwasang, the sitting Buddha statue, designated National Treasure No. 144. Past the statue, the path to the top is filled with lush green forests and is very beautiful. When you get to the top of Mt. Wolchulsan, there is a large flat granite rock where about 300 people can sit at once. Staring down from here gives you a great view of Mt. Wolchulsan. Coming down from the top, you can cross a arched bridge, 120m from the ground, 52 m long, only .6m wide. It takes a bit of courage to walk across this bridge. To the left of Sajabong Peak, around the middle of the mountain, there is a waterfall pouring down into the valley as seven separate falls on top of each other called Chilchi Waterfall. On the way down to Dogapsa and Muwisa Temples, there is a field of reeds by the road that becomes spectacularly beautiful in the fall. The sunset in the west is also beautiful beyond description. In the spring, the azaleas, in the summer the cool waterfalls, in the fall, all kinds of lovely colors, and in the winter, the snow covered mountains and valleys - Mt.Wolchulsan National Park is truly a wonderful site to visit all year around.
    Directions :
    Airport -> From Gwangju Airport → from Gwangju Hap Terminal, take a bus to Yeongam Bus Terminal →from Yeongam Bus Terminal take bus bound for Mt.Wolchulsan.
    Train -> From Naju Station, take a taxi to Yeongsanpo Bus Terminal → From Yeongsanpo Bus Terminal go to Yeongam Bus Terminal → From Yeongam Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Mt. Wolchulsan.
    Bus -> From Gwangju Intercity Terminal, take a bus to Yeongam Bus Terminal → from Yeongam Bus Terminal take a bus bound for Mt. Wolchulsan.

    Information :
    - Admission Fee: -Cheonhwang District, Gyeongpodae district *Individual: (age 20 and older) : 1,300 won (age 14-19) : 600 won (age 13 and under) : 300 won *Groups (age 20 and older) : 1,100 won (age 14-19) : 500 won (age 13 and under) : 250 won (group - 30 or more people) -Dogap District Park Entrance *Individual (age 20 and older) - 2,500 won , (age 14-19) - 1,300 won , (age 13 and under) - 700 won Groups: (age 20 and older) - 2,300 won , (age 14-19) - 1,100 won , (age 13 and under) - 550 won -Cultural Monument Fee: Individual: (age 20 and older) - 1,200 won , (age 14-19) - 700 won , (age 13 and under) - 400 won Groups: (age 20 and older) - 1,200 won , (age 14-19) - 600 won , (age 13 and under) - 100 won -Parking Lot: Dogap District 100 cars / Cheonhwang District 200 cars / Gyeongpodae District 50 cars -Inquiries: Mt. Wolchulsan National Park Administration Office, Tel: 061-473-5210 (Kor) -Homepage : (Kor, Eng)

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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