Welcome to the largest archipelago in the world



The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia consists of five main island; Java, Sumatra Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya and about 30 small archipelagoes, a total of more than 17,508 islands.

With the fifth largest population in the world. Indonesians number 190 million and are basically of Malay and Polynesian stock comprising of 300 ethnic groups and subgroups having their own traditions. Early immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, China, the Arab peninsula and Persia have left their mark on culture and religion followed by influences of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch traders and colonials.

The Indonesian constitution allows freedom of religion in a predominantly Moslem country and the state's "Unity in Diversity" motto is a symbol of the co-existence of the many cultures unified in on nation. These diverse cultures have given Indonesia a rich heritage of traditions and art resulting in festivities throughout the year in different parts of the country, which are also closely related to religion, particularly on the island of Bali.

You will undoubtedly find that the Indonesians are extremely friendly and welcoming to travellers, as they welcome you into their lives, pleased to have a guest to entertain, smiles abounding.

Welcome to Indonesia. It's just a smile away.


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