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How to Use the Subway
1. Use Subway

A subway map is usually located above of the ticket window (see left). Most subway maps are written in Korean and English. The numbers next to the name of each station on the map (700/800) indicates the subway fare for the destination from the present station. Simply tell the worker behind the ticket window your destination, and they will issue you the appropriate ticket. The yellow box next to the ticket window contains free subway maps which you can freely take and keep. Some subway stations do not provide free subway maps. Subway fares are as below. (Foreign currency is not accepted at subway ticket windows, so please prepare Korean Won.)

Service Area Adults (Won) Students (Won)
One Service Area (<10km) 700 560
Two Service Area (>10km) 800 640

2. Ticket Vending Machine
Every subway station has ticket windows but it is becoming more regular to use vending machine, especially at the newly built stations. It is always good to know how to use these convenient facilities.

Layout of Ticket Vending Machine

1. Service Area 1 or 2 Selection

2. Button for multiple tickets.

3. Selection cancellation button.

4. Coin slot

5. Money Return Button

6. Help Button

7. Service Area indication window

8. Fare indication window

9. Ticket pickup box


2. How to Buy Subway Tickets
Using ticket vending machines differs depending on which subway line you are on. On Seoul Subway Line 1 through 4, you must select the Service Area first then insert coins. On Subway Line 5 through 8, you must insert coins first then select the Service Area. The description below is for Lines 1 through 4. When using Lines 5 though 8, simply switch the second and third step.



Find your destination above the ticket machine and check the fare on the subway map.


Press the blue fare button (700 or 800 won). If you need more than one ticket, use the button for multiple tickets (2/3/4).


Insert coins. Exact change is not required.



Take your ticket from the drop box below


Insert the ticket in the small slot and enter. You may only enter through the gates with the downward-left pointing arrow. Remember to pick up your ticket as you pass through the gate.


You cannot enter through the gates with the universal 'do not enter ()' symbol.

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