Folk Tales in Laos

Pha Phi Hong Mountain is located in Khamkeut district, Bolikhamxai province. It is a beautiful and high mountain chain surrounding the area of the district. In Vientiane, it is That Luang stupa that fascinated tourists and in Khamkeut, it is Pha Phi Hong Mount which people remember and take photos of.

In ancient time, old people used to say that Pha Phi Hong Mount was big jungle, the homeland of elephants and tigers, where no man and ghosts could pass. At the entrance of the cave of Pha Phi Hong, there is a veranda made of a big flat rock. If we stand on it and look down to the fields, we can see the big and beautiful fields. It is a special place for relaxing.

According to the old people said that in the ancient times, there was a female ghost. She was single and very pretty. She had long hair. At the fifteenth of the full moon night of each month, she came from the cave to sit and walk in the rocky veranda which is about one hundred metres high from the ground. She combed her hair and walked slowly for admiring the forest and the field.

When the young boys passed by, she waved her hands and called to them, those boys run away for their lives, no one was brave enough to meet her. So she was sad and burst out of crying. When the full moon set down, she returned in the cave and she would com again on the next full moon night.

Rumours about her spreaded like the forest fire. Many young boys wanted to see her, the secret beautiful girl. Once, a few Vietnamese young boys decidec to see her. They prepared some food and drinks and came to see her in the full moon night and they really saw her. dhe waved her hands and called to them. However the naughty boys did not only reject her call, but also they made fun of her in a very rude way.

Hearing those unfriendly word, she became angry and punished them with a strong wind which broke the veranda rock. Now, we can see only the cave and the place where the wind blows all year round. However, the local people say that the female ghost's voice can be heard in the full moon night till the present day.

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