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One thing that does not change is the magic the old culture including the way of living of Lao people is the thing that the world tourists wish to see...

A Traditional Lao Home
The unique characteristic of a traditional Lao home has a direct impression on the Lao people and their live hoods that is different from the present mixed architecture of tradition and modernism. A traditional Lao home is built high off the ground with hardwood stilts embedded either into the ground or on stones. Wooden planks are used for flooring. Wood boards or bamboo are used for siding and either grass or shingle can be used for roofing depending on what the home owner can find at the moment.

There are two types of traditional Lao home. Sier and Faed. A Sier home or sometimes called Keuy is more popular than that of a Faed home, considering that only a family of good statues can build one. A Fade home is basically two structures built side by side which uses more materials than a Sier and is less popular. A Sire or sometimes called Keuy home is a single structure with an addition of a terrace that has a lower roof and floor than the main structure. The terrace is used to have meals and greet visitors. There is also a wooden bench on the terrace, which is used for resting. Next to the terrace is the kitchen and Sahn used for washing and bathing. Sometimes the kitchen is built connected to the house separately with the Sahn approximately one third by size of the kitchen.

A Faed home consist of two connecting structures, one structure includes the bedroom and the other for greeting guest. The bedroom in both a Faed and Sier home are divided for the parent, male and female siblings and a room called Hong Beung. This room is used as a guest room ; besides guest only the male member of the family may sleep here because it is also used as a worshipping room where family Buddha images are kept. The home mentioned above are previously difficult to find now that a combination of more modernism than tradition are used in building new homes.


At the custom's office


Meaning in English

 Dan phasy yoo sai ?  Where is the custom's office ?
 Khoy pen nak thong thiov  I am a tourist.
 Khoy pen nak thulakid  I am a business man.
 Nee man kapau dern thang khong phai ?  Whose is this luggage ?
 Nee man kapau dern thang khong khoy  Here is my luggage.
 Khoy tong peud man bor ?  Must I open it ?
 Khoy bor mee gnang cheng  I've nothing to declare.
 Nee man nang sue dern thang khong chao bor ?  Is this your passport ?
 Nee man nang sue dern thang khong khoy  Here is my passport.
 Number bad phan den  Passport number.
 Dan thee ork der thang  Port of departure.
 Chud pasong khong kan dern thang.  Purpose of visit.
 Khuang sai suan tua  Personal effects.
 Khong khuan hai pheun  The gift for friend.
 Khong thee laluek  A souvenir
 Sing khong lau nee thon sai phasi bor  Are these things dutiable ?
 Khoy tong chai thau dai  How much must I pay ?
 Khoy mee thang mod thau nee  This is all I have.
 Than kuad ka laev bor  Have you finished ?
Mue uen sau ped mong khoy cha ork dern thang.  I'll leave at 8 a.m tomorrow.
 Khoy cha chaeng ork yoo sai ?  where am I checking out ?
 khor bill dae.  my bill , please.
 Chao ouw check dern thang bor ?  Do you take traveller's checks ?
 Khoy phak saduak sabai dee.  I've enjoy my stay.
 Eun lod taxi hai khoy dae.  Please call a taxi for me.
 Luam kha ahan sau nam.  Breakfast included.
 Luam kha ahan song khab.  Two meals included.
 Hong kin ahan yoo sai ?  Where is the dinning room ?
 Hong kin duem yoo sai ?  Where is the snak bar ?
 Han kafe yoo sai ?  Where is the coffee shop ?
 Khoy khor number tho ra sab chao dae !  Give me your telephone number.

Traditionally , The host should taste the first drink , If it has any poisons. The first drinker will  die before me

This part of poetry for drinking party runs from my tongue, while Madame Ba's daughter serves us new alcohol for tasting. 70 Km from Vientiane, Siri and I safely arrived in Bane Naxou, the village for alcohol products. Usually at lunch time, alcohol drinking is not good for the health. However, to visit the alcohol distiller, we have to accept their good will. After the first cup our fatigue went away.

After greeting, she asked permission from us to help her parents wash the steamed rice and stirred with alcohol powder which will be kept in 4-5 days before distilling. Equipment for alcohol distilling is big  tank of about 200 litres of water, a big bowl filled with cold water to be used as its cover. When distilling, while the hot water evaporate to the bottom of the cover it will become cold and the evaporated water running out of the pipe to the gallon that installed beside the big tank.

Alcohol powder is made with garlic and other roots of spices such as Kha and Sikay to make the alcohol with good taste and nice foams. That is the reason that when people drink, the words Kha! Kha! and Kha is said....because of the mixture off Kha said Siri.

Naxou alcohol has been a popular product for many generation. All are made by natural components and do no damage the health like chemical powders. These practices have been miantained since early times. The provision of fire to the pot is not too hot. If very hot fire is provided, the taste is like the burnt smell. When we drink this low quality product, we get drunk easily.

" When drunk 
Go home by an ox cart.
If a little drink
One returns on his own foot"

Bane Naxou is names after Ban Naxou in Moungkhoune district, Xiengkhouang province. More than one hundred from Xiengkhouang to the West of the Mekong river to establish their new villages. Along the way Phonehong, so some of the refugees decide to establish their villages in Phoning district in order to keeo their family name and their race. Here is humidity, flat terrain, a high yield of production.

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